Rafa Dafa Meaning

Rafa Dafa is local Hindi word, local means that is not taken from Sanskrit or any such root and has come from the language people spoke just like that, though it's as popular as a standard word now.

Rafa dafa is generally used as rafa dafa karna, making it a verb. The meaning of the verb is to remove or end in a not very logical or proper way. It's also used for settling (a dispute). When you do something rafa-dafa, you're basically trying to get rid of it.


Anonymous said...

rafa is from Persian P رفا rafā (prob. for A. rifā, v.n. fr. رفأ 'to mend or repair,' &c.), s.m. Mending (a garment); cementing (broken friendship), effecting a reconciliation; pacifying, quieting;

Anonymous said...

A nice word but what is the actual meaning?????

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