Payaliya (Dev D) Lyrics, Translation

Translating the song, Payaliya, is a tough task. Here is a translation of the song, as much as was possible for me. I can never get the expressions even close here, but I have tried that you get the meaning of the words at least. Congrats again to Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, and Shruti Pathak for making this wonderful thing.

Jaanu nahin kaise, jaanu nahi kaise,
Piya ghar jaun
Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun
Paayaliya, paayaliyaa...

I don't know how, I don't know how,
to go to my beloved's home,
anklet, oh, (my) anklet says she wants to go to my beloved's home..
anklet, anklet..

Paayaliya chhan chhan, chhan chhan shor kare mohe piya ghar jaaun
Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun- 2

the anklet makes noise, says she wants to go to my beloved's home..
anklet, oh, (my) anklet says she wants to go to my beloved's home..

Araj araj kari, garaj karajwa ko
Kare hal pal bechain
Daras daras ko kahe paayaliya
Aas lagawe din rain
Soojh boojh bhulawe
Goonj goonj uthawe
Piya ko pukare haye re...
haan, jiya pe chhaye, jiya pe chhaye
Chhaye, chhaye, chhaye, chhaye re

it requests and requests, growls for a credit (of going to his house)
makes me restless every moment
for a sight (of the beloved), why does the anklet
hope day and night..
it makes me forget all my intelligence (conscious)
resounds loudly,
calls the beloved..
it covers my heart (under its effect), covers my heart,
completely covers it..

Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun- 2

Asar asar aso basar basar kari
Neendein bisar karde
Janam janam ki preet lutati haye
Saiyan ke milan ko re
Paas paas bulawe
Raas raas rachawe
Piya ko manawe hai re...
haan, mujhe sajaye, mujhe sajaye,
Hai, hai, hai, hai re

such an effect it leaves,
it makes me forget sleeps,
it sacrifices/gifts love of many incarnations,
to meet the beloved,
calls him close, closer,
performs love (the word raas is actually most used in context of Lord Krishna)
appeases the beloved..
it beutifies me, yeah, beautifies me..

Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun
Piya ghar jaaun..


Paul said...

Thank you for the very prompt lyrics!!

Karthik.R said...

Thanks for the lyrics with meaning.

I am a Tamilian and seldom hear Hindi songs. But this 'Paayaliya' is in a long lasting loop..

What a song!

The blend of westernised voice with Indian classical instruments! Wow!

Harshit Gupta said...


My pleasure. :)

Anonymous said...

thAanx a lot..keep the work

Bhumish said...

Thanks a lot for the lyrics with meaning. :)
Its an awesome work!

Sandeep P said...

Great song - singer, composer and lyricist and orchestration at best. Thanks for the translation :)

Nam said...

thanks for d translation ! i love this song and was gud to know d actual proper meaning rather than my own assumptions, i know very little hindi :)

SeemliS said...

Can anyone give the translation for Dhol Yaara Dhol in Dev D. I think some of the words are in Punjabi. It's such a beautiful song. Thanks!

வெ said...

I Am Tamilian. This website is more helpful for me to understand d lyrics. This song is incredible. In Tamil we say "manathai nizhila vaikum padal". Awesome work. Would appreciate if u share translation of all songs in this album.

Anonymous said...

Hey, gr8 effort! Just wanted to make a suggestion. I think the word karajava refers to heart, as in 'kalejva'. Making the line - my Payal pleads with my heart, and makes it restless.

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