Chashme Baddoor Title Song Lyrics Translation (Pehla Romance Hai)

Movie: Chashme Baddooor [Meaning]
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani
Singer: Sonu Nigam / Ali Zafar

Early morning,
Khidki mein jab wo muskuraaye
Charming gori jo mukhda dikhaaye
Fisla-fislaa.. haathon se dil fislaa jaaye

Early morning,
when she smiles in the window..
When the charming girl shows her face,
slips, slips, the heart slips from my hands..

Chashme Baddoor hai
Bheje mein fitoor hai
Pehla romance hai re
Koncham konchum chance hai
Dil mera behka sa jaaye, haaye..

she's very beautiful
[Chashme baddoor actually means far be the evil eye. Details Here.]
There is madness in her mind..
It's my first romance,
and there is a little chance..
My heart goes swaying here n there..

Us ki aankhon mein to saji hai madhushaala
Us ne to khol daali love ki paathshaala
Laila bhi bole Majnoo se tuition le le
Fail hue to saala ho jaayega ra ta ta taan..

In her eyes there is a bar gleaming..
She's opened a school of love..
Even Laila asks Majnu to take tuitions,
If we fail, we'll be doomed..
[ra ta ta taan is not a word/phrase. It's just coined and the meaning is implied.]

Early Morning....

Darling darling kehta hoon to sharmaati hai
kiss-me kiss-me boloon to wo itraati hai
welcome welcome keh ke ghar le jaati hai

When I call her darling-darling, she feels shy,
when I ask her to kiss me, she gives herself an air..
She takes me to her home saying Welcome..

Thodee wo maghroor hai
Phir bhi wo manzoor hai

She's a bit proud,
but still she's good for me..

Pehla romance hai re
Kuncham kunchum chance hai
haye dil mera behkaa sa jaaye, haye...

Uski aankhon mein to..

Yahoo! Messenger bhi apne kaam naa aaya
BBM par bhi koi paighaam na aaya
Facebook par bhi dhoondha but aaram na aaya

Even the Yahoo! Messenger didn't work for me,
Nor did I get any messages on BBM,
I searched a lot on Facebook, but didn't get peace..

Thoda attitude hai
Phir bhi kitni cute hai

There is a little attitude in her,
but she's still so cute..

Pehla romance hai re
Kuncham kuncham chance hai
haye dil mera behkaa saa jaaye, haai!

Uski ankhon mein to saji hai madhushala..
Us ne to khol daali love ki paathshaala
Laila bhi bole Majnu se tuition le le
Fail hue to saala ho jaayega ra tan tan tan..

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Lovely Neha said...

Jusdt too hilarious, this film! pls guys, don't miss a treat, see it and you will also LOL! Ali was good and thw two guys, Sid and Devendu, superb. Tapsi is so-so but overall, the film is rocking! It's short, sweet & superb comedy!

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