Hai Na/ Keh Do Zara Lyrics Translation (Jayantabhai ki Luv Story)

Movie: Jayantabhai ki Love Story
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Priya Panchal
Singer: Atif Aslam
Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma

Hai na, hai na, hai na
Kyoon chup ho yahi to mauka hai
Kaho na tumhe kisne roka hai
Keh do zara, keh do naa,
Keh bhi do zara

It's there, isn't it..
Why are you silent, this is the chance,
Say, who has stopped you (from saying)
Say it, please say,
Now say it..

Hai na, hai na, hai na
Aankhon se kaajal bahaa hai jo
Gaalon se kya keh gaya hai wo
Keh do zara, keh do na,
Keh bhi do zara..

It's there, isn't it..
The kohl that has flown from eyes (with tears)
what has it told your cheeks,
tell me, please say, say it now..

Haan, maana zamaana bura hai
Saara jahaan hai buraa
Achcha hua ki mila main
Lucky hai luck teraa

Yeah, the world is bad,
The whole world is bad..
It's good that you found me,
Your luck is lucky..

Maine bhi tune bhi khwaab koi kabhi
Dekha hai, dekha hai na
main hansa, tu hansi, khwaab to aisa hi
Hota hai, Hota hai na
Keh do zara..

Me too, you too, have dreamt a dream..
Haven't we?
I smile, you smiled, that's how a dream is,
isn't it?
Say it..

Gussa hai gussa buraa hai
Lagti buree bhi hai tu
Koi kahe na kahoon main
Thodi ziddi bhi hai tu
Maine to tere sang
Teraa har ek rang
Dekhaa hai, dekhaa hai na
Tu bane bekhabar,
Dil pe teray asar
Hota hai, hota hai na

There is anger, and it's bad..
I sometimes feel you're bad, too..
No one says but I say,
You're a little stubborn too..
With you, I have
seen every color of yours..
haven't I?
You pretend to be unaware,
but on your heart,
there is an effect, isn't it there?
Hai na, hai na, hai na
Nahi jahaan ki hai khabar tumko
Kyoon meri itni fiqar tumko
Keh do zara..

1 comment:

Mirza Ghalib said...

It's actually a good movie... how a hero saves a girl from falling into bad company. good chemistry though!

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