Naino mein Sapna Sapno mein Sajna Lyrics Translation (Himmatwala)

Movie: Himmatwala
Music: Bappi Lahiri (for 1983 movie)
Lyrics: Indeevar (for 1983 song, Mukhda used here), Sameer
Singers: Amit Kumar (for Kishore Kumar's part), Shreya Ghoshal (for Lata Mangeshkar's part)
Starring: Ajay Devgan, Tamannah

Taathaiya tathaiya ho..
Ta thaiya ta thayya ho..
Tum tana na na, tum tana na na
Tum tana, tum tana

Nainon me sapna
Sapnon me sajna
Sajnaa pe dil aa gayaa
Kyoon sajna pe dil aa gayaa

There is a dream in the eyes
There is my beloved in these dreams
I fell in love with the beloved
Why did I fell in love with the beloved?

Kayi albele dekhe
Jawaani ke rele dekhe
Hasino ke mele dekhe
Dil pe tu hi chha gaya

I saw many unique guys
have seen herds of youth
seen the fairs of beautiful ladies
you only got over my heart

Arey Nainon mein sapnaa
Sapno me sajni
Sajni pe dil aa gayaa
Kyoon sajni pe dil aa gayaa

Naa milaa koi bhee tujhsa
Maine dekhee har gali
Maine chhodaa zamaana saara
Main tere sang chalee

I didn't find anyone like you
I searched every street
I left the whole world
and came with you..

Tan teraa khilaa khila chaman
Tu jawaani ki kali
Teri khushboo hi meri sanson mein
pal pal hai pali
Baahon ka sahaara mila
Tera jo ishara mila
Mujhe jag saara mila
Main to tujhe paa gayaa

Your body is a blossoming garden
You are the bud of youth
Only your scent is raised each moment
in my breaths
I got the support of your arms
When I got your signal..
I got the whole world
when I got you

Naino mein sapna..

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