Mera Mann Kehne Laga Lyrics Translation (Nautanki Saala)

Movie: Nautanki Saala
Music, Lyrics and Singer: Falak Shabbir

Tujh se hi to milee hai raahat
Tu hi to meri hai chaahat
Tujh se hi to judi zindagi
Teri yaadein hain kuchh adhoori
Saans aadhee hai kuchh hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami

I have got peace from you only,
you only are my love..
To you only my life is attached..
Some memories of yours are incomplete..
Even my breath feels incomplete (without you)
How's this wetness in eyes,

Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aa ke na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zaraa saanson mein apni basaa aa..

my heart began to say,
Don't go away once you came close..
let me touch your lips,
let me live in your breaths..

Mar main jaaoonga, reh na paaun
Gham judaayi ka seh na paaun
Hai tujhe pyaar ka vaasta

I'll die, I'm not able to live (without you)
I'm not able to bear the pain of separation,
I swear on love..

Teri yaadein hai kuchh adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami

Raat ke chaand taley
Aagosh mein meri tu aa

Under the moon of the night,
Come in to my arms..

Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basa aa...


Nikki said...

Thank you!!! :D

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Please update for the full song..... :)

Anonymous said...

the lyrics is not completed even though nice works buddy thanks for that

Anonymous said...

MERA MANN kehne laga Lyrics - Nautanki Saala Song by FALAK.........tune of this song is mostly copied from "the funny little world" by Alexandar Rybak........... this is the link...verify yourself................

Anonymous said...

Thanks for translation :)

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Such a lovely song! !

Anonymous said...

Hai tujhe pyaar ka vasta is wrongly translated.. the guy is not swearing instead he is giving 'kasam' to the girl of their love..

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