How Will the Movie Gippi Be?

This is not a movie review. We haven't yet seen the movie, but based on the trailers, directors, actors, their past records and other factors, we try to guess how the movie would be. It's certainly not an exact thing, but we will give you the best opinion we can, unless there is an opinion based on the actual movie.

Gippi is a film based on teenagers' problems, and seems to have a little different treatment. The movie is expected to look more real compared to most teenage movies which revolve completely around crushes and first loves. Also, though the director Sonam Nair is new, her credentials are strong with an assistant director's credit for Wake Up Sid.

On the negative side, there are no big stars in the movie, and other than Divya Dutta there is no one on which you can rely for a good performance. However, the trailers look okay and you can expect at least okay performances if not too great.

Our guess is that the movie, Gippi, should be good, at least not too bad. Though you should avoid it if you want to keep away from children/teens' problems. It's not expected to be a must watch, but if you're planning a movie, this could be a good option.

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Anonymous said...

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