Jigra Fakira Ho Lyrics Translation (Aurangzeb)

Movie: Aurangzeb
Music: Vipin Mishra
Lyrics: Manoj Kumar Nath
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia

Jigara Fakeera Ho
Jigara Fakeera Ho
Saareyaan De Dil Di Samajhdaa

The Saintly Heart
Understands what is going on in everyone else's heart

Ankkhan De Hanju Nai Disde Zamaane Nu
Khushiyaan De Bhaagi Saare Ghum Vichon Visre Kyun
Sukkhi Suraahee Vargi Si Saadi Zindagi
Amrit Di Boondan Vargi Hai Rab Di Aashiqui

The world doesn't see the tears in one's eyes
All are there to share the happiness,
why do they forget in the times of distress
My Life was like a dry vessel
But the love for God is like the drops of elixir of life

Jigra Fakeera Ho
Jigra Fakeera Ho
Sareyan De Dil Di Samajhda

Jigra Manjeera Ho
Jigra Manjeera Ho
Saareyaan De Dil Di Samajhda

The Crying Heart
Understands what is going on in everyone else's heart

[Manjeera actually is a loud musical instrument]

Jag Saaraa Vekheya Milyaa, Dil Nu Nahi Sukoon
Rishtaan De Dhaage Kachhe, Rab Ne Banaaye Kyoon
Saare Jahaan To Saachi, Rab Di Hai Bandagi
Kho Ja To Paa Jayega Saadi Vargi Har Khushi

Though I've seen n met the whole world, my heart is not at peace
Why did God create such weak bonds of relationships
The only truth in this world is the God Worship
Immerse yourself in this and you will find all the happiness

Jigraa Fakeera Ho
Jigraa Faqeera Ho
Sareyaan De Dil Di Samajhda

Translated by Aparna Vashisht


Anonymous said...

Aparna ji, thank you for this beautiful attempt you made to make us understand the lyrics of this eye opener song.
Subir Sharma

Anonymous said...

Please mention the meaning of the line in the beginning " Kamliyade suppe toh hove rab sabda sanjha"

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