How Will The Movie Go Goa Gone Be?

Again, we haven't seen the movie. But based on the trailers, director, actors, and their records, we'll try to guess. There we go.

The trailers were fine, the songs are okay, the directors' record is good. And the actors are not bad, and can perform at times. Even Saif Ali Khan can come up with a good comic timing, though his last two films weren't that great.

Besides, as directors, Raj Nidmoru and Krishna DK have some good movies to their credit, including Shor in the City and 99, though neither got too popular, mostly because of not over-the-top marketing budgets.

And yes, the songs and the trailers of the movie have been good. Dialogs are funny, as much as we have heard them yet. So our guess is, the movie should be a good time pass. However, we'll not suggest you the movie that highly if you're a regular Hollywood fan and have seen a lot of Zombie films, because in that case you'll not have much new there.

Btw, it's an 'A' rated movie, due to the violence in the film, and the gore content.

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