Tum Chal Diye Lyrics Translation [Pizza 3D]

Movie: Pizza 3D
Music: Saurabh Kalsi
Lyrics: Shashank Kunwar / Abhishek Kumar
Music Label: Junglee Music

Baatein adhoori si, thodi zaroori si
Hothon pe rakhi thi, aankhon se kehni thi
Sab chhod ke beech mein
Tum chal diye.. tum chal diye..

Incomplete talks, a little important,
were there on (my) lips, had to say with my eyes..
leaving everything in the middle,
you walked, you just walked (away)..

Lamhe chavanni se, khushiyaan athanni si
Gullak ko kyun tod ke
Tum chal diye.. tum chal diye..

quarter rupee coin like moments,
half a rupee coin like joys,
(and yet) breaking the piggy bank,
you walked on..

[Chavanni is the four-anna coin that is equal to 1/4 Indian Rupee, Athanni, a little bigger, is the eight anna coin equal to 1/2 rupee.]

Bewajah ladna wo, yoon hi jhagadna wo
ab kiske sang hum karein,
tum chal diye..

That fighting for no reason, fights just like that,
now with whom shall I do that,
you just walked away..

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