Tere Bina Kick Mujhe Milti Nahi Lyrics Meaning | Kick Devil Song

I thought it was kind of understood, but then it's not unless probably have some background information. Yesterday a friend was joking if this kick had anything to do with FIFA, or was it what he was thinking it was. Of course it had nothing to do with FIFA, but here is some background.

The story of the film is that the hero doesn't want to live a regular, 'boring' life, and looks for a 'kick' in everything, something that keeps him high instead of being bored by things. Here in the song the same reference has been used and the girl says that she doesn't get a 'kick' without him. He is needed for her to be high.

The song, composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Jasmine Sandlas, features Salman with Nargis Fakhri, and is called 'The Devil Song'.

The complete translation of the song can be found HERE.

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