Jalegi/ Jal Gayi Lyrics Translation | Haider [Trailer Version]

Movie: Haider
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Vishal Dadlani (unconfirmed)

This is the trailer version of the song from the first trailer of the song. The voice sounds like that of Vishal Dadlani, though needs to be confirmed. The trailer, as well as the song, is beautiful.

Full Version of the song HERE.

Jalegi jalegi Jalegi
diye si jale re saari zindagi..

It'll burn, it'll burn,
the whole life burns like a lamp..

Ek phoonk se miyaan
sab ud gaya dhuaan
wo jo saans ki ek phaans thi,
wo nikal gayi, jo kharaash thi
wo khalish gayi,
jal gayi, jal gayi..

With just a blow, sir,
everything flew off like smoke..
That breath, which was a noose,
that went out, the hoarseness of throat that it was.
That pricking is over.
they all got burnt, got burnt!

arre aao na, ki jaan gayi,
jahaan gaya, kho jaao
arre aao na, ki thak gayi
hai zindagi so jaao..

Come, the life just ended,
the world went out, get lost..
Come, the life has got tired,
now sleep..


Said said...

awesome , very nice

Anonymous said...

I think phaans here is not a noose, but a splinter, like a sharp piece of wood stuck in flesh.

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