Meri Mannat Tu Lyrics Translation | Daawat-e-Ishq

Movie: Daawat-e-Ishq
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singers: Sonu Nigam, Keerthi Sagathia, Shreya Ghoshal
Music Label: YRF Music

Teekhi teekhi adaa se teri
Chatakne lage, atakne lage iraade mere
Lehki lehki laton se teri
Ulajhne lage, sulajhne lage hain vaade mere

From your hot (spicy) styles,
my (earlier good) intentions are breaking, getting stuck..
In your wavy hair,
my promises have begun to entangle and disentangle..

Dariyaa na sahi tu chaahat ka
De de tu mujhe bas ik qatra
Tinka-tinka mere dil ka
Karta hai tujh se duaa..

If you don't give me a river of love,
give me just a drop of love..
Every particle of my heart
prays to you..

Meri mannat tu,
tujh ko hai tujh se maanga
Meri mannat tu,
tujh ko hai Maula maana
Meri mannat tu...

You're my wish,
I have asked you for you only..
You're my wish,
I've considered you my lord..
You're my wish..

Jhatak jhatak zulfon ki gujariya
gujariya, gujariya..
Jhatak jhatak zulfon ki gujariya
Maare re maare re phatkaare
Jhat jhatak matak naino se bijuriya
Maare re maare re jhatkaa re
jhatka re, jhatkaa re...

Jerk, jerk your hair, O dancing girl,
Jerking your hair, you hit them (here and there, may be on watchers)
Jerking and swinging, the lightning from your eyes
gives a shock, ah, shock..

Ghan ghan ghanghor ghata mera jauban
Ang ang angaara
Lapton se lipat jaana meri
Har rang ke rasiya ko hai pyaara
Haan.. jal-jal tap-tap bas aanch nahi
Meri boond-boond thandai
Jhar-jhar bhar-bhar gaagar mein saagar
Chhan-chhan chhanan-chhan preet barsaai..

My youth is a dense, dense cloud,
and every part of my body is a blaze..
to cling to my flames,
is dear to every lover of fun..
Also, I am not just burning, hot fire,
but every drop of mine is a coolness giving drink..
I fall (like a waterfall), fill sea in a vessel,
and shower love..

Tu hai thumri, daadra main
Raag main, tu raagini hai
Sur se mere sur mila le, gaaye jahaan
Kaala goraa, har rang mora
Kaala gora, har rang moraa
Karta hai tujh se dua

You are a thumari, and I am a daadra
[thumari and daadra are two types of folk-classic songs from regions of Northern India]
I am the raga, and you are a raagini
[Ragas are musical notes and sequences defined in the classical Indian music, while raginis are modifications in those ragas. Here, the two are mentioned to say that the two together they make music.]
Meet your notes with mine, and the world shall sing..
Black or white, every color of mine,
prays this to you..

Mari mannat tu.. meri mannat tu
Mari mannat tu.. meri mannat tu..

Aankhon mein laakhon ishaare tere
Palkon mein aaja chhupa loon mere
Apni nazar ka main teeka karoon
Sab ki nazar se bachaa loon tujhe
Chhup chhup ke chandaa jo taade tujhe
Mud-mud ke taare jo taakein tujhe
Cheer ke raaton ki aawaargi
Til-til jalaa doon main aage tere

There are millions of signals in your eyes,
Come, I'll hide you under my eyelids..
with my own eyes I'll put a mark to keep the devil's eye off from you,
I'll save you from everyone's sight.
When the mood stares at you from hiding,
When the stars turn and look at you,
I'll pierce the vagrancy of the nights,
and burn (myself in envy) to shreds in front of you..

Meri mannat tu..

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