Daawat-e-Ishq Title Song Lyrics Translation | Javed Ali, Sunidhi Chauhan

Movie: Daawat-e-Ishq[meaning]
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Javed Ali, Sunidhi Chauhan

Ho.. chaand chaahun, na chakora
Na falak ka.. tukda tukda tukda
Noor chaahun, na main hoori
Na pari sa.. mukhda mukhda mukhda
Sang sang chal de
Sang sang chakh le
Meetha meetha har sukh har dukhda
Use khwabon se jagaaun
Use baahon mein sulaaun
Sar-aankhon pe bithaun
Usey haathon se khilaaun, ta-umar

I want neither the moon, nor the partridge (that wants moon),
nor a piece of the sky..
I want neither divine light, nor a virgin of paradise,
nor a face like fairy..
Walk with me,
taste with me,
EVery sweet joy and sorrow..
Let me wake her up with dreams,
let me make her sleep in my arms..
pamper her as best as I can,
I'd feed her with my own hands, all my life..

dil ne dastarkhwan[meaning] bichhaaya,
daawat-e-ishq hai
hai qubool to aaja jaana
daawat-e-ishq hai, ishq hai.

The heart spread a dining spread,
it's feast of love [or invitation of love]
if you accept it, come, O beloved,
it's the feast of love..

Baadalon ko chun ke, bun ke
Kaaleen banaaya hai tere liye
Taaron ko tod kar ke,
tashtari mein sajaya hai tere liye

Having plucked clouds, and weaving them,
I've made the carpet for you..
Plucking the stars,
I've put them on the plate for you..

Chaand taaron ko kyun sataya
Tilmilaya hai mere liye
Jaaun jidhar bhi khil khil udhar hi
Dhoop nikalti hai mere liye

Why have you troubled, angered
moon and stars for me..
Wherever I go, sun just shines bright for me..

Haay baatein teri chaashni si meethi meethi
Aaye haaye.. baatein hi adaawatein bhi meethi meethi

Oh, your talks are sweet like sugar syrup,
Oh, not just talks, even my enmity is sweet..

Tu aaye to pheeki se mehfil mein meri lazzatein laut aaye
Hasrat-e-lazzat jo hai teri daawat to bolo bhala kaun aaye
Arey keh de tu jo,
saari deghon ko aag doon dil ki jo dum bhi main de doon apna

If you come, in my tasteless party tastes will come back..
If your party is a wish of taste, who'd come there..
[as in, your party wouldn't be full of taste, so who'd come here.]
Hey, if you say,
I will give the fire of my heart to all the pots, and will give my breath as well.
[degh = pot/vessel for cooking]

Dil ne dastarkhaan bichaya
Dawat-e-Ishq hai
Hai qubool to aaja jaana
Daawat-e-Ishq hai

Haan sharbat mein ghuli mohabbat
Daawat-e-Ishq hai
Tauba tauba buri milawat
Daawat-e-Ishq hai
Arey kismat se milti hai shirqat
Daawat-e-Ishq hai
Aji be-fizool ki kis ko fursat
Daawat-e-Ishq hai

Love dissolved in drink,
it's a feast of love.
Mixing is bad,
it's a feast of love.
You get to join it with luck,
it's a feast of love.
Oh, who has free time for this (useless thing),
it's a feast of love.

Tunak nahi zara chakh to le
Bhadak nahi zara dum to le
Jud jaane de zara taar se taar ko
Zara soch samajh ik baar to
Naa soch ke, na hosh se
Tujhe mehmaan banaya haan hum ne dil se

Don't be angry, at least taste it.
Don't be a fire, first take a breath..
First let our wires be connected.
Just think, understand once..
Neither with thought, nor by consciousness,
I've made you my guest by my heart..

Hai qubool ye hum ne maana
Daawat-e-ishq hai
Jee huzoor humein manzoor ye
Daawat-e-ishq hai, Ishq hai

I accept, I agree
it's a feast of love.
Sir, I accept this
feast of love, feast of love.


Anonymous said...

Great translation! The singer is Javed Ali.. Wajid confirmed that on twitter :)

Raghu said...

Full song lyrics pls.

Unknown said...

abey oh chutiya ye song javed ali aur sunudhi chauhan ne gaya hai

Anonymous said...

Tashtarii means a saucer not plate. Plate is either qaab or bushqaab. Tashtarii is equivalent to the punjabi Pirch in which tea is drunk or a cup kept.

handunu said...

i love it

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