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Movie: Hindi Medium
Music: Sukhbir
Lyrics: Sukhbir, Ikka (Rap)
Singers: Sukhbir, Ikka (Rap)
Label: T-Series

This is one of the most popular Punjabi pop songs by Sukhbir which is recreated for the film Hindi Medium starring Irrfan and Saba Qamar. The song now also features a rap by Ikka. The music is produced by Abhijit Vaghani.

taare gin gin yaad ‘ch teri
main taan jaagaan raataan nu
rok na paavaan ankhiyaan vichchon
gham diya barsaataan nu

counting stars when remembering you
I stay awake in nights.
I can't stop the rain of sadness
in my eyes...

oh ho ho ho
oh ho ishq tera taRpaave

O, your love tortures me.

khalle mainu tere bin taan
har pal ye tanhaai da
Dasse mainu naagin wangu
mausam teri judaai da

without you, every moment
of loneliness feels bad to me.
the time of your separation
bites me like a snake.

ik pal vi main pulll na paavaan
teri miThiyaan baataan nu

I am not able to forget your sweet talks
even for a minute.

rok na pavan ankhiyaan vichchon
gham diya barsaataan nu

o ho ho ho
o ho ishq tera taRpaave

ishq tera taRpaataa hai
naa raat ko soya jaata hai
uljhaa rehtaa hoon yaadon mein
mujhko baRaa rona aata hai
bhool gayaa main khaanaa peenaa
zindagi ko hans ke jeenaa
tere chakkar mein meraa
ek botal roj ka peenaa

your love troubles me,
I'm not able to sleep at night.
I remain entangled in memories,
I cry a lot.
I've forgotten food and drinks,
and living happily.
because of you,
now I drink a bottle everyday.

pyaar mein tere hum
din raat jalte hain
rokna main chahoon phir bhi
aansoo to nikalte hain
raat bhar main teri
photo se baatein kartaa hoon
playlist mein meri bas
bas sad song chalte hain

in your love,
I burn night and day.
I want to stop them,
but these tears keep on coming.
all night,
I talk to your photo.
and on my playlist,
there are just your songs.

dil jalaa ke roshan kitta
main to teriyaa raahvaan nu
tup lae ke main kaliyaan* tere naal
sukh diyaan ThanDiyaan chhaavaan nu

I burned my heart
and lighted your path (with its light),
I've exchanged the cool shade of joy
with the scorching sun (that covered you).

* - This word isn't clear, but going by the sentence, it seems it has something to do with exchanging as he says he's taken the sun (tup=dhoop, and given her the cool shade of joy.)

samajh na paayi kyun tu mere
pyaar bhar jazbaatan nu

why couldn't you understand
my emotions full of love?

rok na paavaan ankhiyaan vichchon
gham diyaan barsaataan nu

oh ho ho ho
oh ho ishq tera taRpaave

We have tried to get the lyrics as correct as possible. However, since the song is very fast and sometimes the words aren't too clear, if you find any mistakes, please let us know in comments. Thanks..

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