Ye Taara Wo Taara Har Taara Lyrics Translation | Swades (2004)

Movie: Swades (2004)
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Udit Narayan, Master Vignesh, Baby Pooja
Label: T-Series

ye taara wo taara har taara
dekho jise bhi lage pyaara
ye sab saath mein, jo hain raat mein
to jagmagaya aasmaan saara

this star, that star, every star,
look at whichever, it looks beautiful.
when they are all together in the night,
the entire sky glitters.

jagmag taare, do taare,
nau taare, sau taare,
jagmag saare har taara hai sharaara

shining stars, two stars,
nine stars, a hundred stars,
all of them shining, each one of them a spark.

tumne dekhi hai dhanak to,
bolo rang kitne hain
saat rang kahne ko,
phir bhi sang kitne hain
samjho sabse pahle to,
rang hote akele to
indradhanush banta hi nahin.
ek na hum ho paaye to,
anyaay se laRne ko
hogi koi janta hi nahin
phir na kehna nirbal hai kyon hara
oho hoho oho ho hara taara

if you have seen the rainbow,
tell me how many colors are there in it?
as such they are seven,
but how closely attached they are.
had they been alone,
there would be no rainbow.
if we don't come together,
to fight injustice,
there would be no public.
then don't ask
why the weak has lost.

boond-boond milne se
banta ek dariya hai
boond-boond saagar hai
varna ye sagar kya hai
samjho is paheli ko,
boond ho akeli to
ek boond jaise kuch bhi nahin
hum auron ko chhoRein to,
munh sabse hi moRein to
tanha reh na jaayein dekho hum kaheen
kyon na banein mil ke hum dhaaraa
hmmm hmm hmm hmm...aara taara

when drops come together,
a river is made.
all those drops only are a sea,
what else is a sea.
understand this riddle,
that if there is one drop alone,
one drop is like nothing.
similarly (it'd be against us) if we leave others,
if we turn away from all.
be careful that we don't remain all alone,
why don't we come together and (like drops) make a stream...

jo kisaan hal sambhaale,
dharti sonaa hi ugaaye
jo gwaala gaiyaa paale,
doodh ki nadi bahaaye
jo lohaar lohaa Dhaale,
har auzaar dhal jaaye
miTTi jo kumhaar uTha le,
miTTi pyaalaa ban jaaye

when a farmer picks up his plough,
the earth grows gold,
when a cowherd nurses a cow,
he makes rivers of milk.
when a blacksmith moulds iron,
every tool gets moulded,
and when a potter picks up clay,
it turns into a pot.

sab ye roop hain mehnat ke,
kuchh karne ki chahat ke
kisi ka kisi se koi bair nahin
sab ke ek hi sapne hain,
socho to sab apne hain
koi bhi kisi se yahaan ghair nahin
seedhi baat hai samjho yaara
hmmm hmm hmm hmm...aara taara

they are all forms of hardwork,
of a wish to do something,
nobody has a grudge against another.
we all have the same dreams,
if you think it through, everyone here is our own,
no one here is alien to the other.
it's a simple thing, understand this, my friend.

ye taara wo taara har taara
dekho jise bhi lage pyaara
ye sab saath mein, jo hain raat mein
to jagmagaya aasmaan saara

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