Tu Jo Kahe Lyrics Translation | Yasser Desai, Palash Muchhal

Song: Tu Jo Kahe
Music: Palash Muchhal
Lyrics: Palak Muchhal
Singer: Yasser Desai
Label: T-Series

mujhko sazaa de
ya chaahe bhulaa de
tujh bin jiyoon kyun
bas itna bataa de

punish me,
or if you wish to, forget me.
just tell me how to live
without you.

chaahe hansaa de
ya chaahe rulaa de
itna hi chaahoon
bas apni panaah de

whether you make me laugh
or make me cry,
I just want so much
that you give me your refuge.

tu jo kahe
duniya bhulaa doon main
tujhko hi apni
duniyaa banaa loon main

if you say so,
I'll forget the world,
and make you alone
my world.

koi sehar si jo teri
yaadein yaad aati hai
bujhi bujhi raaton ko yoon
roshan kar jaati hain

when your memories like a morning
come to me,
they light up
my dim nights.

jo tu hai judaa
khudse hoon khafaa
kar de tu safaa ik dafaa

now that you are separated from me,
I'm angry with myself.
clear me once.*

[Not really sure what the singer-turned-lyricist wanted to say here. If you can help, please comment. Thanks.]

tu jo kahe,
duniya bhula doon main
tujhko hi apni
duniya bana loon main

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