Main Yahaan Hoon Lyrics Translation | Veer-Zaara

Movie: Veer-Zaara
Music: Late Madan Mohan, Recreated by Sanjeev Kohli
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singer: Udit Narayan
Label: Yashraj Music

jaanam dekh lo miT gayi dooriyaan
main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon,
yahaan hoon, yahaan
kaisi sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan,
main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon,
yahaan hoon, yahaan

O beloved, see, the distances have reduced,
I'm here, I'm here.
what kind of borders, what kind of helplessenss,
I'm here, I'm here.

tum chhupa naa sakogi main wo raaz hoon,
tum bhulaa naa sakogi wo andaaz hoon,
goonjtaa hoon jo dil mein to hairaan ho kyun,
main tumhaare hi dil ki to aawaaz hoon.
sun sako to suno, dhaRkanon ki zubaan,
main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon,
yahaan hoon, yahaan...

I'm the kind of secret you'll not be able to hide,
I'm that style which you'll not be able to forget,
why are you surprised if you hear me resounding in your heart?
I'm the voice of your heart only.
if you can, listen to the sound of your heartbeats,
I'm here. I'm here.

main hi main ab tumhaare khayaalon mein hoon
main jawaabon mein hoon, main sawaalon mein hoon.
main tumhaare har ik khwaab mein hoon basaa,
main tumhaari nazar ke ujaalon mein hoon.
dekhti ho mujhe dekhti ho jahaan,
main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon,
yahaan hoon, yahaan.

I'm the only one in your thoughts now,
I'm in all the answers and in the questions too,
I live in every dream of yours,
I'm in the lights of your eyes,
you see me wherever you look,
I'm here. I'm here.

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