Alvida D-Day Lyrics Translation

Movie: D-Day
Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Niranjan Iyengar
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh, Nikhil D'Souza, Shruti Hassan

Jaane kaise..
Tootte rishton se bikhre hai yeh pal
Maano jaise...
Gham ke palkon se chalke hai yeh pal

How is it that these moments are scattered from/like broken relationships?
It's as if these moments are tears spilt from the eyelashes of sadness

Kyun adhoori yeh kahaani?
Kyun adhoora yeh fasaana?
Kyun lakeeron mein iske, alvida

Why is this (love) story left incomplete?
Why is this story left incomplete?
In its fate, why is there "goodbye"?

Umr bhar ka saath jiska kyun vahi pyar ho?
Kyun na mitke jo fanaa ho, woh bhi pyar ho?
Na adhoori ye kahaani
Na adhoora ye fasaana
Mar ke bhi naa kahenge alvida

Why should it be love only if it lasts a lifetime?
Isn't it also love if it is erased and destroyed?
This story isn't incomplete
This story isn't incomplete
We won't say goodbye, even once we die

Bairiya, mere rabba
Kyun hua, mere rabba?
Yoon na dhaavi
Do dillaan di ye kahaani

(Our) Enemy, Oh God
Why have you become, Oh God..
Don't assault like this...
on this story of two hearts..

Mit bhi jaaoon na mite ye kaisi pyaas hai?
Dooriyon mein kho ke bhi tu mere paas hai

What kind of thirst is this that will live on even once I am gone?
You are lost in the distance but still close to me..

Kyun ke tu meri kahaani
Kyun ke tu mera fasaana
Ab kabhi phir na hai kehna "alvida"

Because you are my story
Because you are my story
Now don't ever say goodbye again

Tere yaadon ko sehlaata hoon
Pal mein ban ke bikharta hoon
Jis jahaan mein kho gayi ho tum
Kya nahin hai vahaan toote tanhaaiyan ka gham

I stroke (fondly recall) memories of yours
One moment I am composed and then I am distraught
In the world where you are lost,
Is there no sorrow of broken loneliness?


Anonymous said...

I am an American of Asian and European descent, I don't speak nor understand any Hindu. I found this sound randomly a few nights ago, I watched the music video over and over and cried my eyes out and felt it from so many different perspectives. Tonight I searched for this boyfriend recently died.

Anonymous said...

This video is a flashback with the lead actor, Arjun Rampal, who is actually not present visiting the place of his love interest, Shruti Haasan, and seeing her being brutally tortured and killed by the baddy, Chandan Roy Sanyal. Amazing and very touchy!!

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