Darbadar hai Darbadar Khudaya Lyrics Translation [I Me aur Main]

Movie: I Me aur Main
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Singer: Monali Thakur, with Divya Kumar, Harshit Saxena, Altamash Faridi, Shaadab

Dil mein daraarein..
Dil mein daraarein hi daraarein hain
Dil mein kayi hain daraarein..

cracks in the heart,
there are many cracks in the heart,
many cracks in the heart..

Yaadein teri hain daraarein
Toote jo tinka to hawa ka aasraa
Toote sahara to dua ka aasraa
Dil toot jaaye to wo jaaye kahaan

Your memories are cracks,
If the straw breaks, I live on the support of wind,
If all support goes, I live on prayers (and wishes)
But if the heart breaks, where would it go..

Darbadar hai darbadar Khudaya
Darbadar hai bekhabar hai ye dil
Darbadar ka humsafar na koi darbadar ki manzil

O God, it's homeless,
this unaware heart is homeless..
There is neither a companion to this homeless, nor a destination..

Hain adhoore sire jo
Wo khule hi rahe to
Tum se hi thhe ye hi maan ke hum chale to
Ye jo thoda shikwa hai tera mera gila hai gar hota nahi
Chaahe lage ya na lage dil tootne ka darr hota nahi
Sochaa hai pehle bhi kitna par hota nahi

The incomplete ends that were there,
if they remain open,
If I believe they were from you only,
It's a little complaint, a tiff between us, if it wasn't there,
Whether I happens or not, I wouldn't have this fear of breaking my heart.
I have thought so many times earlier too, but I am not able to do this.

Darbadar hai, darbadar Khudaya
Darbadar hai bekhabar hai, ye dil
Darbadar ka humsafar na koi darbadar ki manzil

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