Ramayya vasthavayya title song lyrics and translation

Movie:Ramayya vasthavayya

Okkadante okkade
Chikkadante chikkade
Chakkanaina guntade
Raamulori manavade

He is the only one
He can never be caught
He is a good guy
He is grandson of NTR.

(Rama refers to god usually, here it refers to late senior NTR(Former CM of AP)

Raamayya vasthavayya..!!!!

Raamayya, You will be coming!!

(Here Ramayya refers to hero)

Cheyyemo raatutheli
Choopemo ghaatutheli
Mandeti sooreedu raa!

His hands are rigid now
His way of seeing things has become hard now
He is a burning sun!

Ramayya Vasthavayya All Songs Lyrics Translation

Choope O gundesoodhi
Addosthe manduthaadhi
Teluginti kurrodila.

His vision is sharp like a pin
It will burn, if you try coming in its way (of his vision)
He is like an exact Telugu guy..!

(Above 2 paragraphs deal with praising hero.To summarize, Hero is a tough guy to match up with)

Raamayya vasthavayya....!!!

Namminollake ne baanisa
Gittanollake ne baadshah
Annadhammulai nannu veedani
Meerundaga yedha ninduga.

I surrender myself to people who believe me
Who ever doesn't like me, I'm don for them
My heart is happy, full till because of you guys(Fans) being my never leaving companions(Brothers)

(Baadshah refers to don. Co-incidentally a Telugu movie in which Jr.Ntr potrated the role of a don)

Rangu, roopu aa dhaivame
Ichaadu o varamula
Ningi nela unnantha varaku
Mee anda naakundaga.

All this external beauty is given by god as a gift to me
I know that you guys will be with me till this earth-sky stays.

Preminche nee gunam
Nee vente yuva ganam
Nee baate o sahasam
Nadakemo rajasam
Choopemo paurusham
Intinta neerajanam.

The nature of your's loving people
Youth would follow you
Your way is brave (enoughto be chosen)
Your style of walking has royalty in it
Bravery is seen in your vision
Every house praises you.
(House in the sense, all the people in that house)

Nee lakshyame chedhisthu
Nirantharam oke padham
Parigeduthu poraadithe
Prapanchame thalonchadha??

Trying to reach your goal all the time
Standing on the same word always
If you fight while running
Won't this world knee Infront of you??-It will.

Vijayam nanne ventaaduthu naa venta  
Abhinava navarasa aa thejame naa nundi raanundhila

Success will be chasing me and will be behind me like this
The art and glory of showing 9 emotions which is hereditary,  shall be shown by me this way.

Taralni muripinchu, deepaala sirianchu
Nee choope brindhaavanam
Shankhaalu poorinchi, sikharaalu vinipinchu
Nee maate o saasanam.!!!

Your vision is a great thing which would mesmerize stars
Blow shells of snails and let the mountains(too) here you
Your word is a command!!!

Raamayya vasthavayya!!!

Raamayya vasthavayya, you will be coming!!!

*English Rap*

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