Gori Tere Pyaar Mein: Trailer, Dialogs, Translation, Analysis

The trailer begins with Imran's ironic dialog. Ironic because it seems he talking to the Kareena's father in the film, while Kareena is shown to be 'different', and not Imran.

He says, "Mere Andar Bahut kuch hai, jo meri age ke ladkon mein nahi hai." That is, "There is a lot in me, that is not there in boys my age."

He continues with, "Mere Appa agar yahaan hote, wo kehte," (my father would say, had he been here-) and there is a footage of his father commenting on him, saying "Kaala Dhabba, family ke naam par kaala dhabba". That is, you're a black spot, on the name of our family.

"Jo bhi ho, mujh se do kadam aage hai aap ki beti", that is, "Whatever it is, your daughter is two steps ahead of me," comes next.

The next footage is Kareena in front of Bangalore's Freedom Park, where Anna Hazare's supporters gathered during his protests too. However, this is a generic protest, not mentioning Anna or anyone else.

Then there is a phrase written that reads, "The Hardcore Kraantee Queeen", that is, 'The hardcore revolution queen', kranti meaning revolution.

However, Kranti is written wrong here. It should be क्रांति, but they wrote क्रांती.

"Are sarkaar ne kahaa, yahaan anshan karna mana hai, kyonki yahaan bathroom nahi hai. Jab kuch khaaya hi nahi, to nikaalenge kya," Kareena is heard speaking, "The government said, we're not allowed to protest (by hunger strike) here, because there are no bathrooms here. But when we haven't eaten anything, what shall we excrete?"

Imran looks at her from the nearby cinema hall or some other 'Grand Opening', and gets impressed, falling in 'love at first sight,' subtitled as a story of Instant Pyaar - Instant Love.

And then, predictably, a song comes in. 'Gore gore naughty naughty round round toon..'

Pictures from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Kareena, who looked more funny than real in Freedom Park scene, gets a bit serious here, as she tells him that they are going to make a documentary on sex workers and their lives. The sex workers standing nearby ask Imran if he's interested, and he in turn asks Kareena for fun that they're sure they're not making THAT type of movie, talking about a pornographic movie, and Kareena replies 'Main tumhari izzat par koi aanch nahi aane dungi' - 'I will not let there be a blot on your honor' - as she joins the fun.

Everybody does it, and you can do it too. Left right kar chain chura.. is the next song.

And then, things get serious.

Kareena: I can't believe you're fighting me because I don't want to go to a tomatina festival. You know in our country...

Apparently, after Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, some people tried to recreate the tomatina festival of Spain in India, but were protested against on the grounds that we don't have enough to eat for many in India, and people are planning to waste huge amounts of food on the festival.

Imran: Country country Diya. You're not some Prime Minister. Live, and let live.

1. Diya is the character's name.
2. I disagree. Sometimes I feel our Prime Minister is much less worried about these things. So we need to be.
3. Jiyo aur Jeene do, Live and let live, is an old famous Indian quote.

In between, there is a placard saying 'A story of constant taqraar,' taqraar meaning verbal fight, altercation.

Then, some more dialogs pour into the trailer, as the two fight. This looks to be the serious most part of the movie. There is a dialog of Kareena, 'aaj ke baad main tumhe kabhi kuch nahi kahoongi' - 'I will never say a thing to you after today.'

As she leaves, he later goes to his parents and asks them if Diya is there. They tell him that she's in some village for past eleven months.

He's surprised. 'Gaaon mein? like a real village?' And then assures them that he'd bring her back. The way he says this with his bag in hand, it's pretty clear he's emulating Shahrukh Khan, poking a little fun on him by director. And then, he's in train, 'ye gondwa se jhumli kaise jaate hain?' - 'How do we go from Gondwa to Jhumli?' naming unknown villages.

And then, a fun song, the best in the trailer yet.

"O re Chhore, ghuma di kaise chaabi kismat ke hain taale khule.."

"O boy, what a key you have turned that the locks of fate have opened."

Here, Imran is shown reaching the village where Kareena is working, and his first reaction is of utter surprise as he utters to himself, 'bhencho..' - literally sisterfucker, but basically here to show his surprise, shock, the dawning on him how hard she was actually working.

Kareena: 'ye duniya ki sab se khoobsurat jagah hai' - This is the most beautiful place in the world.
Imran: 'To tum mere saath..' - 'So you'll not come with me?' Though the sentence was incomplete.
Kareena: Nahi. No.
Imran: Aur apni life yahan, is gaaon mein.. - And you'll live your life here, in this village?
Kareena: Haan. Yes.
Imran: Is gareebi aur gobar mein - In this poverty and cow dung?
Kareena: Haan. Yes.
Imran: Tumhara..

That is, your mind has rotten.

And then the song, "O ri chhori chhichhori o chhede hame chingam chaba ke.."

"O frivolous girl, you tease me while chewing a chewing gum."

Placard: The Hardcore Aashiq. The hardcore Lover.

Kareena: Tum yahaan dus din bhi nahi reh paoge. You'll not be able to live here for even ten days.

Placard: The Ultimate Pyaar. The Ultimate Love.

Imran: Reh Lunga. I'll live. Because this is the world's most beautiful place. And I love the smell of Gobar. that is dung.

Teashop owner: Bin mausam ki baarish dekh ke mazaa aa gaya. I loved this rain without rainy season.

Imran: Tum logon ko lagaan wali tension to nahi hai na? You guys don't have the issue as was there in Lagaan, right?

In Lagaan, there was no rain in the village for three years.

Teashop Owner: Nahi saab. No sir.

Imran: To itna khush kyon ho raha hai? Then why are you so happy?

With the rain, he means.

Kareena: Jaao yahaan se aur pakaao mat. Go from here and don't bore me.

Imran: Are dil de ke dar-e-mohabbat liya hai. Soch samajh ke ye sauda kiya hai. O Maine pyaar kiya hai, pyaar kiya hai, pyaar kiya hai.

That's the title track of Salman Khan's very famous film Maine Pyaar Kiya.

Kareena, from a dangling bridge, where Imran is afraid to go, says: O Salman Khan, kya huaa, aao na. O Salman Khan, what happened, why don't you come, teasing him. Also because Salman is supposed to do all kind of stunts in his films, while Imran here is afraid of going on the bridge she's on.

Overall, the trailer is interesting, and though Imran Khan gives the movie a standard rom-com feeling, and the beginning parts in the freedom park look like nothing serious, the latter parts of the movie seem much better, and Imran seems to be excelling in one scene, saying one word.. I hope you guessed.

Though the film comes from Punit Malhotra, whose last, I Hate Luv Storys, was nothing more than a very standard rom-com with a slightly interesting plot, this looks like a little better. One of the factors here being Kareena Kapoor, who seems to be easily outperforming Imran, which was not the case with Sonam. Hoping for a good movie this time. Not something legendary, but something on which the money spent will be worth.

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