O Heeriye Nai Jeena Tera Bina Lyrics Translation Ayushmann Khurrana

Music, lyrics and Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Music Label: Yashraj Films

This post is for the Teaser/ Trailer Version. For full song, see THIS POST.

Jadd tennu vekhiyaan pehli vaari main taan..
Tennu hi takda rayaan..
Janchda nai si tere naal main taan..
Phir bhi jachda reyaan..

When I saw you for the first time,
I kept just looking at you..
I don't look good with you,
[as you're so much more beautiful than me]
but still kept looking good (to myself)..

Khinchda reyan tennu apni or..
Tennu main kenda riyaan
O heeriye tennu lai jaaNaa hai..
Gal tu man vich basa..
Nahi jeena tere bina..

I kept pulling you towards me,
And I kept telling you,
O beloved, I have to take you away (with me)
keep that in your heart..
I don't have to live without you...

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