Pitah/ Pita se hai naam tera Lyrics Translation [Boss/ Sonu Nigam]

Movie: Boss
Music: Meet Bros Anjjan
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Sonu Nigam, with Meet Bros.

Pitaa se hai naam tera..
Pita pehchaan teri..
Jiye jis sahaare pe tu..
Pitah se wo saans mili..
Hai pita, rab tera..

Your name is from father,
father is your identity,
The support on which you live,
you got that breath from father..
father, is your God..

Ishwar-Allah, jitne bhi rab hain..
Noor tera, tujh mein hi sab hain..
Rab hai, hai..
Tu hi sab hai, hai..

All the gods that are there,
They're all your divine light, they're all in you
You're God, god..
You're everything, everything..

Pitah ka mol hai kya..
Paas reh ke jaana nahin..
Pyaar pita se karoon..
Yeh keh na paaya kabhi..
Hai pita, sab tera..

What is the value of father,
You didn't realize when you're close,
I love father,
couldn't even tell this to him..
Father is your everything..

Ishwar-Allah, jitne bhi rab hain..
Noor tera, tujhmein hi sab hain..

Pita ke aashirwad se..
Tu ne sab kuchh paya hai..
Kya lekar tu aaya jag mein..
Aur kya toone kamaya hai..

With father's blessings,
you've got everything.
What did you bring to this world,
and have you earned..

Pita ka rutba sabse oonchaa..
Rab ke roop samaan hai..
Pita ki ungli thaam ke chalo to
Raasta bhi aasaan hai..
Pitah ka saayaa sir pe ho tu..
Kadmo mein aakaash hai..
Pitah hai poonji, kho jaaye to..
Phir kya tere paas hai..

Father's status is the highest,
It's like God's own face..
If you walk holding father's finger,
the path is easy too..
If father's shadow is above you,
there is sky in your feet..
Father is wealth,
if lost, what do you have left?

Pita bina na hasti teri..
Na koi tera thikana hai..
Pita ke naam se aana jag mein..
Pita ke naam se jana hai..

There is no existence without father,
nor is there any destination..
You come to the world with father's name,
and leave with father's name..

Ishwar-Allah, jitne bhi rab hain..
Noor tera, tujhmein hi sab hain..


Anonymous said...

beautiful, tear - jerking song especially meaningful to those who are unfortunate enough to have lost their father! :( RAI

Anonymous said...

Powerful enough to make cry!

Anonymous said...

gives a very best chance to remember the beautiful love of a father and his child who unfortunately can never meet.

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