Shuddh Desi Romance Title Song Lyrics Translation

Movie: Shuddh Desi Romance
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
Singers: Benny Dayal, Shalmali Kholgade

Dhoop mein nahayega to dhoop lag jaayegi
Baatein yoon banayega to baat badh jaayegi
Ladki ghumayega to lat lag jaayegi

If you take bath in sun, you'll get tanned,
If you talk like that, it'll go out of hand,
If you roam around with girls, you'll get addicted..

[Here, the poetry gets lost to an extent in translation, as baat banana and baat badhna are proverbs with same words but very different meanings.]

Chhori lipstick lagayegi to bhoot ban jaayegi
Sandalein chadhayegi to oont ban jaayegi
Phailti hai yahaan wahaan chhoot lag jaayegi

If the girl puts on lipstick, she'll look like a ghost,
If she wears sandals, she'd become camel,
It spreads here and there, she'll catch an infection..

khidki dareeche se
Dabe paaon neeche se
Jhoote samaajon mein
Jhoote riwaazon mein
Liye hi jaaye koi chance

From some windows,
from under cover, in hiding,
in the false societies
and in false customs,
some keep taking their chances..

[dareecha also means a window]

Shuddh desi desi desi romance
Kameene haay re
Haay re crazy crazy vazy romance
Sharam naa aaye re

Pure countryside, Indian romance..
These mean people!
Yeah, crazy-crazy romance..
They're shameless..

Hmmm... Galiyon mein phire
Kyoon dikhe dukaanon-vukaanon mein
Ye mui belakhni
Haaye re mui belakhni

She wanders in streets,
Why is she seen in shops etc.,
this damned adulteress,
this damned damned adulteress..

[Belakhni and belakhna would literally mean one who doesn't have the 'good character' as per the societal norms. belakhni would be the word for the girl and belakhna would be the word for the boy. The tone of belakhna/belakhni is casual, though the meaning is more or less an adulterer here.]

Haay re haay, collar to bade
yoon chadhe giraaye, giraaye chale
Muaa belakhna
Haaye re muaa belakhna

see, collars are kept high,
and he walks while moving them down..
damned adulterer..
this damned damned adulterer..

Dar na dikhaoge to par lag jaayenge
Armaan sulao ji, nahi to jag jaayenge
Galiyon mein aashiqon ke jhund lag jaayenge

If you don't show them the fear, they'll grow wings,
Make their wishes sleep, or else they'll wake up..
There will be herds of lovers in streets..
[i.e. the common feeling of the society is that if you don't keep your young boys and girls in control, all of them will be falling in love.]

Abhi kachche aam hai ji, ye to pak jaayenge
Badon ne chhupaya hai jo ye to chakh jaayenge
Bade boodhe bade bade bol bol thak jaayenge

As of now they are raw mangoes, they'll be ripened
They'll taste what the elders have hidden from them
The elders and old ones will be tired telling them..

Ho khidki dareeche se
Dabe paaon neeche se
Jhoote samaajon mein
Jhoote riwaajon mein
Liye hi jaaye koi chance

Shuddh desi desi desi romance
Kameene haaye re
Haay re crazy crazy vazy romance
Sharam naa aaye re..

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