Ayudham lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Singer(s):Deva Katta
Music: Anup Rubens

Adavinaina, kadalinaina
Adhiripothe, chedhiripothaav!
Vodipoyi munigipothaav!
Aayudham manase aayudham!

If I become forest or a Sea
You'll be shivering and You'll be no where
You'll lose and get drowned(in Sea)
Heart is a Weapon!!

Praanamante kaalame sari
Kaalamante chalaname mari
Putte prathi janma jeevitham kaadhu
Chacche prathi chaavu antham kaadhu
Aayudham chalanam aayudham.

Life is nothing but time
Time is nothing but movement(revolution)
Every birth will not have a life
(Every) Death is not the end
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!!

Veluthurunna lokamantha
Kallumoosi kaalamantha
Nidhurapothe, chacchipothaav!
Cheekatinta maggipothaav!

If the world which is full of brightness
If the time closes its eyes for a while
Choose to sleep! You'll not exist anymore
You'll be left alone in darkness!

Aayudham kaalam aayudham
Aayudham chalanam aayudham

Heart is Weapon
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!

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