Time entha ra lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Language: Telugu
Music: Anup Rubens

Orei goli ga!!
Ippudu naa siri emandho single line lo clear ga cheppara!
Adhe baava!
Nuvvindhaakedho Kala Annaave,adhi Kala kaadhu nijam ani cheppi velthundhi!

Goli can be name here, or hero can using ultra local version of Dude.

Hey Goli
Tell me clearly in a single what my Siri told
That is!
You were telling that it's a dream right! She told that "it is for real"

Time Entha ra? Goli ga, Time Entha ra?
Time cheppara! Goli ga, Time Entha ra?
Okata? Renda? Mooda? Yeda?
Reyi,pagalu thedalemi theliyakundhira
Oh aakasam rangu choodara, nalupo thelupo cheppara..chepparaa cheppara!!!!

What's the time? Goli, What's the time?
Tell the time! Goli, What's the time?
1'o clock? 2'o clock? 3'o clock? 7'o clock?
I'm not able to differentiate between day and dawn
See the colour of the sky, Tell whether it is bright or dark...Tell me!!

Bhayame lenodni, bedhure raanodni, aina aina idhigo ee thadabaatendhukanta?
Siren koosthunna melukuva raanodni, itukala sadike lechesthunna, idhemitanta?
Yevadu lekunna horn koduthunna,
horn vintunna akkade nilabaduthunna, Idhemi vintha ra?

Oh girl!
I don't have any fear, Will never get afraid, But don't know why I'm hesitating
Even if Siren blows, I wouldn't wake up, But now even for slightest of the slightest sounds I'm waking up
Though No one is there, I'm blowing horn
Though I'm listening to horn, I'm just standing  (instead of giving way), What (Black) Magic is this?!

Yevaraina Janta yedhurayyarante, thanala naala kanipisthaare! Kala idhantha?!
Yevaru naa chentha lene lekunna, thanatho jathaga gadipesthunna Kaallaani kontha!
Cheekatlo unna anni choosthunna
Velugentho unna deepam veligisthunna, Idhemi Maaya ra?

If any pair confronts me, they would resemble me and her, All this is just a dream or what?
Though no one is there with me, I'm spending time with her ( Imagining that she is with me)
I'm able to see everything even in darkness
I'm flaming up lights even though it is bright, What (Black) magic this!

Time entha ra | Repeat |

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