Selavanuko Lyrics and translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie: Heart Attack
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer(s): Chaitra

Selavanuko Mari edavake manasa
Kalaganake adhi nijam ai podhu kadha
Ee dhooram yenaatiki cheruvavvuno
Ee mounam inkeppudu maatalaaduno
Kannulloni kanniti kerataalalo hoo oo.

Think it's a good bye, Don't cry oh my dear heart
Don't dream of that, as there is no chance of it becoming true
When would this distance become nothing?
When would this silence speak out?
In the tides of my tears!!

Ye manasuni thittaali
Ee kshanam!!

What should I do?
What should I think about you
Which heart should be blamed(Your's or mine)
This very moment..?

Selavanuko | Repeat |

Anukunna anukunna naathote untaavanukunna
Naalaage neekkuda nenante ishtam anukunna
Pilichaana ramanni? Kasiraana pommani?
Chivariki ee aatalo aipoya bommani? :(
Nuvvu kaadhante iha raanante mana iddhari Madhya inkem ledhante.

I thought, you will be with me always
I thought, even you like me (like how I like you)
Did I ask you to enter my life?Did I scream at you to leave?
Finally I've become a toy in this game :'(
If you say "no", deny coming back, and say that we don't have any business left to deal with..
Then ..

Nenemaipovaali | Repeat |

Oh nuvvante naalanti inko nenani anukunna
Inaallee brhamalone aanandhamga brathikaana?!
Nacchindhe thadavuga velloddhe alusani
Chebuthunna manasuki vintundha maatani
Naa oohalni Naa aasalni narikesthunna
Uniki vinesthe.

I thought, you're "another me"
Did I live all these days happily in that hallucination?
I told my heart not to go behind everything it likes, but it never obeyed /listened to me
If I listen to my inner voice, which is killing my dreams,desires what not

Nenemaipovaali? | Repeat |


Anonymous said...

Superb lyrics and melodious music

Unknown said...

The feel which he expressed in the lines are really unexpressable. Very nice song.

Unknown said...


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