Badra Bahar/ Badra Bahaar Lyrics Translation [Queen]

Movie: Queen
Music and Singer: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt

Babul ke angnaa mein, ambvaa ke tale
Naihar ki dulari,
naazon se pale
Meri meri.. gudiya bachpan ki
Sandesa le ja re
O badra bahaar

In dad's yard, under the mango tree,
the beloved of father's house,
she is brought up carefully,
my.. my.. doll of childhood.
Take this message, O rain cloud..

Amma ki chaabi ke chhalle se khole
Tijori Mein jaanoon sapne hain pade
Jhooti Jhoothi, Kahaani pariyon ki
thi jo tu bata..
O Badra Bahaar

I've opened with mother's keyring
the safe in which dreams are there..
(and also) the false (but close to heart) fairytale
that was there, tell me those,
O rain cloud..

Siske re jiyara, behta re kajra
Beeta re jug tanha re
Main bhooli sakhiyan
Bachpan ki batiyaan
Ghoon ghoon ye saans ghabraye
Piya ko bata de..
O badra bahaar

The heart sobs, and the kohl of eyes flows,
An era has passed alone,
I forgot my friends,
and things of childhood..
This breath of mine is heavy [I feel scared]
tell it to my beloved,
O rain cloud..

Doli hamri khaali phoolon pe saje
ansuvan ki sawaari naino mein jale,
khaari khaari, saawan ki phuhaar,
sandesa le ja re,
O Badra Bahaar..

My palenquin is made of just flowers,
(while) in my eyes, burning tears ride,
salty, this drizzle of rainy season [she's actually talking of her tears]
take my message,
O rain cloud..

[Bahaar literally means spring, but then here it basically means the cloud that brings the spring, through the rain of course, so simply, rain cloud.]


Anonymous said...

superb lyrics and extra-ordinarily sung.......

Anonymous said...

superb one....

Anonymous said...

Love d song..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song ... wow ... poetic lyrics

Anon said...

Should be "Sawere ki phuhaar"

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful lyrics and excellent translation

Anonymous said...

beautiful song..... very emotional!!

Unknown said...

This is really nice song meaningful

Anonymous said...

The lyrics, the melody, the music along with the fine voice ...a mind blowing awesome concoction. The magical fairytales that fuel the dreams at childhood are far removed from the harsh realities ! This is a realisation to many of us on growing up, hits really hard ! an admirer of good music

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