Rey Theme | Rey(2014) |

Lyrics:Chandra Bose

Rey rey jara dil se sun re
Velle dhaare Zara dhekh ke chal

Hey you, listen with your heart
The way you're going, watch out and go.

Puvvula maatuna katthulu untaai, kosesthuntaai
Rangulu chaatuna rakkasulu untai, thokkesthuntaai
Yetthuki yedhagaalante kindhaki dhigajaaraaloi
Mundhuku saage vaadne venakaki laageyaaloi
Kalthi se dhoka se gelupodhaalile..!!

Behind flowers are knives/swords/knives, which would cut
Behind colours are devils and demons, they would stamp you down
If you want to go heights, you should get down(cheap) first
You should pull the guy back who is Ahead
You should win by cheating/deceiving.

Rey Rey | Repeat |

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