Patakha Guddi Meaning: Making Sense of The Phrase

Literally, Pataakha [or patakha] is Hindi and Urdu for a firecracker, and Guddi is Punjabi for Kite.

However, Patakha here would mean one who is fun. Guddi here is kite, which basically means someone who is free. Hence, Patakha Guddi here is basically used for a girl who is fun, and free, like a kite, doing what she wants.

The song also mentions 'nashe mein udi' [flying intoxicated] and 'maine to tere utte chhaddeyaan doreyaan' [I have left the strings (of the kite) with you], telling you it's a kite they're talking about, too.


Anonymous said...

Patakha = Bomb
Guddi = Young Woman (also doll)

Guddi for kite is not applicable here.

Anonymous said...

Your interpretation is wrong dear...

Heregirl is compared with a free .....flying kite.....doriyan.....udi etc larify that.

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