Tu Kuja Man Kuja [Highway] Lyrics Translation

Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kahaan.. main kahan..
Tu kahan.. main kahaan..

Where are you, where am I?
Where are you, where am I?

Kirpa (kripa) drishti mujh pe bhi ho maharaja
Anginat chintaon ne gheraa
Aastha hai jo vyatha hai wo harega tu
Sun meri bhi koi na mera

O Lord, have sight of your mercy on me too,
uncountable worries have covered me..
I have faith that whatever my problem is, you'd end it..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Hain bhay bhyankar
Path mein kankar Maharaja
Mujh adham se kyon tune mukh phera
Main dharaatal se pukaarun haath de apna
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..

I have great fears,
and there are obstacles in my path, O Lord,
Why have you turned your face away from lowly me..
I call from the earth, give me your hand,
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Nirdhanon ka dheer tu hai
Nirbalon ka bal
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..
Main jagat mein laapata
Mera tu pata..
Main kahaan batla..
Main ekaaki de dayaa ki bheekh raja
Hai adhar mein shvaas bhi mera

You're the patience of the poor,
the strength of the weak..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..
I am lost in the world,
you are my address..
Tell me where I am..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Even my breath is stuck midway..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Main Kahan kahaan
Main Kahaan kahaan
Ghanghor hain andhiyare
Sab roothe hai ujiyaare
Tan toote, man haare
Kismat ke doobe taare
Koi kiran dikhla re
Hain soone path saare
Main ekaaki de daya ki bheekh raja
Kya tujhe aabhaas bhi mera..

Where, where am I,
Where, where am I..
The darkness is dense,
all lights are angry with me
My body is breaking, and my heart loses (faith)
The stars of my luck are drowned..
Show me some ray (of hope)
All the paths are lonely..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Do you even have an idea of me (that is, my existence, or have you made and completely forgotten me)..

Tu kuja man kuja..

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Anita said...

Are the lyrics in pure hindi, the phonetics are very pleasant on the ear and the singer of course navigates the unfamiliar words with seasoned ease.

Jagriti chaudhary said...

gud collection

for more click here to latest see hollywood and bollywood lyrics:-

Anonymous said...

Superb lyrics caressed by the LEGEND...great!,

Sourav Ghosh said...

Beautiful song, amazing lyrics and the voice of sunidi chauhan has done justice to the song. Maharaja is refereed to as Lord. WOW

Anonymous said...

Mesmerizing lyrics ...nd the voice is soo soothing :)

Preeti Poddar said...

Very touching.. n mesmerising.. it reminds us of our existence.. very carefully used words.. lk a prayer.. too good..

Anonymous said...

The lyrics are actually a part of a Naat (Islamic prayer) written by Ustad Muzaffar Warsi, and later sung by the legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Anonymous said...

Tu Kuja Man Kuja is Persian, that is Farsi, for the next line, Tu kahaan, main kahaan. Tu is tu, you. Man is main, I. And Kuja is kahaan, where.

this is sufi kalam
motivate this song Farsi Urdu Hindi & Sanskrit

Anonymous said...

what a treat it is...A r Rehman , Irshad Kamil and Sunidhi...and what a soulful number

I can not get enough of it !

Baghubali Abishek said...

simply superb..heart melting lyrics...

Sagar Kandel said...

nice and soulful...

Anonymous said...

Awesome song rendered wonderfully....The depth of the distress !!!!

Rehan Khan said...


Naat Sharif

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