Endhukila nannu Vedhisthunnave Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie: Heart attack
language: Telugu
Singer(s): Kunal Ganjawala, chorus

Endhukila nannu vedhisthunnave
Endhukani nannu velivesthunnaave
Naa hridhayam nee thode korukundhana?
Naa praanam nee chuttu thiruguthunadhana?
Anyaayamga thosthunte nattetilo ila..!!

Why are you making me reach pain and sadness
Why are you staying away from me/boycotting me?
My heart wanted your company?
My life revolves round you?
When I'm being pushed into mid of the sea

Ye manasuni thittaali
Ee kshanam!!

What should I do?
What should I think about you
Which heart should be blamed(Your's or mine)
This very moment..?

Nanne nenu vadhilesi nuvve kaavalantunna
Naadhantu migilunte adhi nuvve nuvve antunna
Nenu neeku vaddhanni neetho nadavadhanni nee dhaare needhani geesaava geethani?
Nee gundello naa gurthulni theeraanne thaakina ala la thudichesthe.

I'm not caring about myself wanting you
If anything that belongs to me is leftover, it is YOU
You limited me with a line telling that you don't want me,don't want to walk along with me,indicating that you would fond your own way?
If you wipe off all my memories in your heart like how a tide does

Nenemaipovaali | Repeat |

Velugantha tharimesi cheekatilo nannu thosthaava?!!
Gathamantha cheripesi shoonyam lo nilabedathaava!!?
Naakanni nuvvani anukovatam papama?
Poojinche chethini narikentha kopama?
Nee thalapullo, maimarapullo naa manasuni thippi rekkalu virichesthe.

You pushed me into a world of darkness removing all the glow around me
You made me stand in NOTHING erasing all the past
Is it a sin considering you my everything?
So much angry that you wouldn't mind cutting my(priest) hand off?
After letting my heart fly in your thoughts and ideas, if you breakdown its wings

Nenemaipovaali? | Repeat |

Endhukila | Repeat |

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