Tu hi hai Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie:Heart attack
Language: Telugu
Singers: Anup Rubens and Smitha Belluri
Music: Anup Rubens

Neekosame nenantu unnadhi
Neekosame naa praanam unnadhi
Neekosame Neekosame
Ee kshanam nuvve yeduraithe adhantha nijame aipothe nenu gundaagi pothaanu le..!!

It's like I exist only for you
It's like I survive only for you
Just for you.!
Say you confront me this second and if that becomes reality my heart would stop(with surprise and happiness)

Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Nuvvele nuvvele naa gundello nuvvele
Nuvvele Nuvvele naa manasantha Nuvvele

It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you who occupied my whole heart.

Neekosame | Repeat |

Theliyani maikam la nuvve kammesthunnaave
Oh Cheliya, Saanwariya nanu raakshinchave
Yedhuruga evarunna nuvve anukuntunnaane kanabadava
kanabadava cheli karuninchava!
Theliyaledhu premante nuvve undaga
Theera thelsukunnaaka nuvve levu ga!
Munchesaave Nee premalo!

Like some unknown magic/intoxication you're shadowing me
Oh my dear, beautiful and beloved Save me!
I'm seeing you in everyone ,
Kindly come and appear
When I had you , I was not aware what actually love is
But when I know now what it is, You're not there (with me)
I completely lost myself in your love.

Tu hi hai | Repeat |

Okate manasundhi evariki ivvodhanukuntu
Dhaachesa dhaachesa cheli innaalluga
Premante ento ardham nede thelisindhi appudepudo thelisunte baagundedhi ga
Nuvvu leka kshanamaina yemi thochadhe
Idhi prema antaara yemo theliyadhe
Nuvvu leni manasendhuke?

As I've got only heart, I saved it without losing to anyone till now
Now I know what love is, it would've been nice if I knew this earlier
Without even a second would make me restless
Don't know what they named it as
What's the point in having a heary without you?

Tu hi hai | Repeat |

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