Cuz it's a Nonsense ki Night Lyrics Translation | Happy New Year

Movie: Happy New Year
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Farah Khan, Vishal, Shekhar
Singers: Mika Singh
Music Label: T-Series

In the song, every single line except the title is a Hindi proverb translated literally. However, the meanings of these proverbs are of course, proverbial, and should not be literal. So instead of translating the song literally, I am writing the Hindi proverb that is translated here, and giving it's original meaning.

Dance not coming, courtyard crooked
Proverb: Naach na Jaane Aangan Tedha
Meaning: When you don't know something, you try to blame something else.

Eating cake by being stupid
Proverb: Yeda ban ke peda khana
Meaning: Looking like an idiot and getting all the benefits.

Buffalo going in the water
Proverb: Gayi Bhains Paani mein
Meaning: Something goes bad, and out of control. Mostly because a buffalo, once in water, is really difficult to get out.

Gayi bhains paani mein..

If you tiger, me tiger and quarter

Proverb: Tu ser, to main sava ser.
Meaning: If you are good, I am better.
Glitch: Ser actually is an old unit used for weighing things, but sher means lion/tiger, and here they have translated sher instead of ser.

I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night..

monkey what know flavour of ginger
Proverb: Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad
Meaning: More like, Casting pearls before swine. Offering good things to someone who cannot value them.

In the jungle peacock is dancing who has seen her...
Proverb: Jungle mein mor naacha kisne dekha
Meaning: If something good happens in private, no one knows about it. That is, for appreciation, it needs to come out in public.

Whose is stick his is buffalo
Proverb: Jiski laathi uski bhains
Meaning: Might is right. One with power has things in his favour.

But remember 'hundred of goldsmith's equals one of blacksmith'
Proverb: Sau sunaar ki, ek luhaar ki
Meaning: A powerful one is much stronger than many weak. Literal meaning is that a single hit by a blacksmith is more powerful than a hundred strokes of a goldsmith.

I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night

Clouds that make noise, don't rain
Proverb: Jo (baadal) garajte hain, baraste nahi
Meaning: barking dogs seldom bite.

Staying in water don't be enemy of crocodile..
Proverb: Jal mein reh kar magar se bair nahi karte
Meaning: You shouldn't be against the big people of your field.


I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night

All is in the well
If end is in the well

Proverb: All's well that ends well.
Hindi equivalent: Ant bhala to sab bhala. Literally the same meaning.
Glitch: You can see how they modified it. :D

Ho baaki duniya go to hell!

Rest of the world go to hell. This one's no proverb.


Gauher said...

Awesome Translation Hats Off!

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro really great translation

Anonymous said...

The last line.. oh baaqi duniya go to hell... It's duniya jaaye bhaad mein...

Menna Elboghdady said...

The Arabic part
Haza El Ishq mn Donoh ya Rabi
Ya baa'd Omry we Rohi we Nasbii
Haza El Ishq mn Donoh ya Rabi
Ma fee Shee
Ma fee Shee
This Deep Love (Ishq) without him God
You are the one beyond my life.. & My Soul & My Fate ( Naseeb matlb kismet ) ( She means more important than all those)
There is nothing left..
There is nothing left..

Habibi Ashiqi Hayaty Naseebi
My Love My lover My life My fate..

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