Main Lovely Ho Gayian Lyrics Translation | Happy New Year

Movie: Happy New Year
Music: Dr. Zeus
Lyrics: Jiwan Mann, Kumaar
Singers: Kanika Kapoor, Ravindra Upadhyay, Miraya Varma, Rap: Fateh
Music Label: T-Series

Tere naal naal sajna ve
Mera dil dhadke, Mera dil dhadke

With you o beloved,
my heart beats, my heart beats.

Habibi, Aashiqui, Hayati, Naseebi
Habibi, Aashiqui..

O beloved, O love, O life, O luck,
O beloved, O love..

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke

I've become lovely,
having read your name, having read your name..

Ghar aaya mera sohna sajan
Ghar aaya mera... haaye sohna sajan

My beautiful beloved came home,
Oh, my beautiful beloved came home..

Ye jo bangle hai re laal colour ki
Tere liye hi khan-khan kar ke
In haathon mein naache jaaye re
Inhein nasha chadha hai tera
Tu ban ja aashiq mera
Tune chhua hai aise
Main kamli...

This bangle of red color that is there,
it jingles for you,
and dances in these hands,
They have got your intoxication,
You become my lover..
You have touched me in such a way
that I have gone mad..

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke

pa-pa-paaya ankhaan 'ch kaajal
Mainu vekh ke ho gi o paagal
Photo khench autograph set
Instagram pe like kari jaave pic haaye
Haaye ni kudiye kardi tu hadd
Mitraan da pichhaa please de chhad
Listen girl tu hogi kamli
Kehndi meri jehi hor na...

She's put kohl in her eyes, (for make up)
Looking at me she's gone mad
Having taken photo and autograph,
she keeps liking the pics on instagram,
O girl, what you are doing,
Please leave my friends alone,
Listen girl you have gone mad,
Says there's no one else like her..

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke

Poora intezaam hai
Ye jo shaam hai
Kal subah tak tere naam hai
Aankhon se dil ye batlaaye re
Kal na hogi ye raatein
Kar le dil ki do baatein
Ik teri hi khaatir main pagli ho gayiaan

There is complete arrangement,
This evening that is there,
is for you till tomorrow morning..
This heart says with the eyes,
these nights won't be there tomorrow,
Let's talk with love a bit,
Just for you, I have gone mad..

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke
Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke naam tera..


B A said...

It's (naseebi) not asidi. cos asidi has no meaning in arabic.
But the word (naseeb) is used in both Arabic and Hindi. And (naseebi) means (my naseeb)

Harshit Gupta said...

Thanks B A.

Aneerah said...

Love the songggg

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