Sikkay Armano Ke Lyrics Translation | Sonali Cable

Movie: Sonali Cable
Music: Daniel B George
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Amitabh Narayan
Label: Zee Music Company

Sikkay.. armaanon ke
Sikkay.. hauslon ke
Sikkay.. himmat ke batore..
Sikke taakat ke yoon jode
Baahein gham ki hum marodein
hauslon se

Coins, of wishes,
COins, of courages,
(we) collected the coins of courage,
(we) collected the coins of strength in such a way,
that we'll twist the arms of sorrow,
with our courage..

Sikkay.. armaanon ke
Sikkay.. hauslon ke
Sikke.. armaanon ke
Sikke.. hauslon ke

Ye zindagi lubhaati hai
Yahaan hain rang kai
Ye zindagi daraati hai
Ye mushkilein kayi
Yahaan pe waqt ne hain ki saazishein nayi
aye zindagi tu sun le
Hum bhi kam nahi
Kabhi to haan chhantega dhuaan..

This life tempts,
There are many colors here..
This life scares,
there are many problems here..
Time has plotted many a conspiracy here.
O life, listen,
We are no less.
Sometime or the other, the smoke will go away..

Sikke.. armaanon ke
Sikke.. hauslon ke..

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