Mausam Ye Kyun Badal Gaya Lyrics Translation | Sonali Cable

Movie: Sonali Cable
Music: Raghav Sachar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Singer: Kshitij Tarey
Music Label: Zee Music Company

Mausam ye kyun badal gaya
Seene se kuchh nikal gaya
Apna koi mujhe chhod ke gaya
Chala gaya..

Why did this weather change..
Something went out of my chest,
Someone my own left me,
went away..

Lakeerein ro padin haathon mein kaheen
Dil hai dukha baaton-baaton mein kaheen

Lines (of fate, as per palmistry) cried out in the hands somewhere,
The heart is hurt somewhere just like that..

Kyoon neendein lagein ab kaanch si
Sapne sabhi athra gaye...
Kyun chalte huye hum apne hi
Saaye se takra gaye
Socha tha kya, kya ho gaya

Why do the my sleeps now feel like glass
[i.e. sleep is now fragile and gets broken any time.]
why did I collide with
my own shadow while walking..
What had I thought, and what has happened.

Mausam ye kyun badal gaya
Seene se kuch nikal gaya

Dil mein tere kaheen khareedun wo zameen
Kharchoon main abhi, jo sapne hain sabhi
Wo armaano ka hai chhota sa ghar
Aa jaao tum, mere humsafar..
Main tumhaare hi saath rahoon umr bhar
Chaaha tha ye maine to par
Do lamhon mein sab khatam ho gaya

Somwehere in your heart, I wish to buy that land,
by spending all the dreams that I have..
That would be the small home of dreams,
Come, O my co-passenger..
'I live with you all my life'-
this is what I had wished, but
in two moments, everything got over..

Mausam ye kyun badal gaya
Seene se kuch nikal gaya

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