Shivam/ Balidaanon Lyrics Translation | Baahubali 2

Movie: Baahubali 2
Music: M.M.Kreem
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Kaala Bhairava
Label: Zee Music Company

se janmee... ye gaatha.
barson se, jalti hai
badle ki... ye jwaala.

this story is born out of
sacrifices and offerings.
this flame of revenge
burns for years.

kya mrityu us mahasamar ki janani hai jiska
varNan srushTi karti
kya ambar ki nagari
se wo rakhwala aaya
jiske paaon choome dharati.

Is death the mother of that great war
which is talked about by the nature?
has that saviour come from
the city of the sky,
whose feet are kissed by the earth?

balidaani, kyaa niyati
rachne mein hai saksham?
nas nas mein, jo ghole,
wo lahu hai shivam, shivam.

is the one who sacrifices
capable of changing the fate?
the one that is there in every vein,
that blood is shivam
(Shivam signifies Lord Shiva, and also means kind.)

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