Ye Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahaan Lyrics Translation | Veer-Zaara

Movie: Veer-Zaara (2004)
Music: Late Madan Mohan (recreation by Sanjeev Kohli)
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Singers: Udit Narayan, Lata Mangeshkar
Label: Yashraj Music

lehraati hui raahein,
khole hue hain baanhein
ye hum aa gaye hain kahaan
palkon pe gehre halke,
hain reshmi dhundhalke,
ye hum aa gaye hain kahaan...

these wavy paths
open their arms for us,
where have we come...
on the eyelids, there are light and dark
silky mists there,
where have we come...

wo dekho zara parbaton pe ghaTaayein
humaari daastaan haule se sunaayein
suno to zaraa ye phoolon ki vaadi
humaari hi koi kahaani hai sunaati
sapnon ke is nagar mein
yaadon ki rehguzar mein
ye hum aa gaye hain kahaan...

look there, on the hills there are clouds,
telling our story in a low voice.
listen, this valley of flowers
also tells some story of ours.
in this city of dreams,
on the path of memories,
where have we come...

jo raahon mein hai rut ne sona bikheraa
sunehraa hua tera mera savera
zameen so gayi barf ki chaadaron mein
bas ek aag si jalti hai do dilon mein
hawaayein sansanaayein, badan kaanp jaayein
ye hum aa gaye hain kahaan...

the gold that the nature has scattered on the paths,
my mornings and yours have become all golden.
the earth seems to have slept under the sheets of snow,
there is just a fire seems to be burning in two hearts.
the winds howl, bodies shiver,
where have we come...

ye barsaat bhi kab thame kaun jaane
tumhein mil gaye pyaar ke sau bahaane
sitaaron ki hai jaise baaraat aayi
humaare liye raat yoon jagmagaayi
sapne bhi jhilmilaayein, dil mein diye jalaayein
ye hum aa gaye hain kahaan...

who knows even, when this rain would stop.
yeah, you find a hundred excuses for love!
it's as if there is a procession of stars.
the night has twinkled like that for us.
even the dreams twinkle, lighting lamps in the hearts,
look, where have we come...

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