Tum to Darasal Lyrics Translation | Raabta

Movie: Raabta
Music: JAM8
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Atif Aslam
Music Label: T-Series

tum to dar-asal khwaab ki baat ho
chalti mere khayaalon mein tum sath sath ho
milti hai jo achaanak wo saugaat ho

you are actually something of a dream,
you move with me in my thoughts,
you are that gift one gets all of a sudden.

tum to dar-asal meeThi si pyaas ho
lagta hai ye hamesha ke tum aas paas ho
Thehra hai jo labon pe wo ehsaas ho..

you are actually a sweet thirst,
it always feels like you are close to me,
you are that feeling which stays on my lips.

teri adaa, adaa pe marta
main wafaa, wafaa si karta
kyun hadon se hoon guzarta
main zaraa zaraa zaraa...

I am ready to sacrifice myself on your styles,
I kind of love you...
Why do I cross the limits,
little by little...

tum to dar-asal saanson ka saaz ho
dil mein mere chhupa jo woi raaz, raaz ho
kal bhi mera tum hi ho mera aaj ho

you are actually, the musical instrument of breaths,
one that is hidden in my heart, you are that secret.
you are my yesterday (or tomorrow), and my today.

baarish ka paani ho tum
kaagaz ki kashti hoon main
tujh mein kaheen main beh jaata hoon
milne hoon tumse aata
waapas nahi jaa paata
thoRa waheen main reh jaata hoon...

you are rain water,
I'm a paper boat,
I flow somewhere in you.
I come to meet you,
I can't seem to go back,
I remain there a little.

tum to dar-asal ik naya noor ho
mujh mein bhi ho zara si zara door door ho
jaisi bhi ho hamesha hi manzoor ho

you are actually a new light,
you are within me a little and a little far away.
however you are, you are always acceptable to me.

hota hai aisa aksar
dil ye kisi ko dekar
lagta haseen hai saara shehar
ab dekh tera hokar
aisa asar hai mujh par
hansta rahoon main aaThon pehar

it often so happens,
that after giving someone your heart,
the entire town feels beautiful.
Now, see, having become yours,
I'm under such an effect,
that I smile all the time, day and night.

tum to dar-asal ishq ho, pyaar ho
aati mere fasaanon mein tum baar baar ho
inkaar mein jo chhupa hai wo iqraar ho

You are, actually, love, affection,
you come into my stories again and again,
you are that yes which is hidden in a no.

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Des said...

atif aslam Darasal is very beautiful song ....i like it

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