Bang Bang Title Song Lyrics Translation | Hrithik's MJ Dance

Movie: Bang Bang
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Vishal Dadlani
Singers: Benny Dayal, Neeti Mohan
Music Label: Zee Music Company

In the Bang Bang Title song, Hrithik Roshan does quite some Michael Jackson acts, as Benny Dayal sings for him and Katrina matches his steps with Neeti Mohan's voice.

Teri meri.. raaton ne kiye hain kuch iraade
Mili hain jo ab ye mulakaatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai

Yours and mine, (our) nights have made some decisions..
Now that meetings have met us,
Some magic is going to happen..

Teri meri.. hui aankhon-aankhon mein jo baatein
Mili hain jo ab ye mulakatein
Koi jaadu hone ko hai..

Yours and mine, these talks that have been there between the eyes,
Now that meetings have met us,
Some magic is going to happen..

Hona hai.. jo hona hai rahega hoke hi
Hota hai.. jo mil jata hai koi
Hoga ye.. hai jaana maine milke tumse hi

Whatever has to happen will happen,
It happens when someone is found..
It'll happen, I've known after meeting you only..

Are you feeling it tonight
I am feeling it tonight

Bang Bang, raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun..

Bang bang, talk all night long,
come with me,
There is some magical spell on the heart, I don't know why.

Hey! aajkal aate jaate
Hey! aankhein karti hain baatein
Hey! aaj to aa jaana hai
Hey! aankhon ki baaton mein
Bas ek baat kar le
Hey! mujhe baahon mein tu bhar le
Hey! aur saari raat bhar ye
Hey! chalti rahe phir kahaani teri meri

Hey, these days when roaming here n there,
Hey, these eyes talks..
Hey, today I have to agree,
Hey, to whatever the eyes say..
Just do one thing,
Hey, take me in your arms,
Hey, and all night,
Hey, this story of ours should go on..

Teri meri.. teri meri aahon ke ishaare
Aa zara samajh lein hum wo saare
Ke hosh ab to khone ko hain

Yours and mine, the signals of our eyes,
Come let's understand them all..
Now that we're about to lose our consciousnesses..

Bang bang take a little chance chance
Take a little dance dance
Now get your body movin'..

Bang bang, raat bhar baat kar
Tu mere saath chal
Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyun



Unknown said...

This song make me thing about a romantic situation that i want to have with that magic moment. I really love this composition & music...

Unknown said...

Love this song...

Anonymous said...

Bestest song

shaakinapink said...

One of my most fav song..fantastic!! Bravoooo!!!.. Hritik's six packs melt my heart..

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