Meherbaan Hua Hai Rab Lyrics Translation | Bang Bang

Movie: Bang Bang
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Singers: Shilpa Rao, Ash King, Shekhar Ravjiani
Featuring: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif
Label: Zee Music Company

Dil ki maangein thodi thi kam
Har dua bhi thodi maddham

The demands of the heart were a little less (than what I have got in you)
Even every wish was a little less..

Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaya jab
Jaise dargaah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mil gaya hai sab
Meherban hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua, meherbaan hua rab

When you leaned your head onto (my) shoulder,
It was as if I had tied some threads on a shrine
[Threads are often tied on shrines to fulfil wishes. That's being referred here.]
I've got everything without even asking.
Kind, He's been,
Kind He's been,
God has been very kind (to me)..

Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon mein le leti hoon
Ki takdeerein apni saari padh loon

I take your hands,
in my own hands,
so that I can read my fate (in your palms only, basically says that you're my fate)..

Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhtaa hoon
Bas tu soche, aur poore main kar doon

I look for the wishes
hiding in your eyes,
So that as you think of a wish, I fulfil it.

Abhi abhi to hum adhoore thhe
Poore ho gaye tere roobaroo
ye bhi dikhe na
kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru
Aankhein teri girti hain jab
Ab to neendein aati hain tab

Just a while ago I was incomplete,
Now I am complete as I am in front of you..
I can't even see
where I end and where you start.
When your eyes fall (on me)
then only I am able to sleep.

Hum ko lagta hai kuch dinon se ab
Tu ibaadat hai, tu hi hai mazhab
Bewajah kaise, kyoon kahaan aur kab
Meherban hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua meherbaan hua rab

Now I feel for a few days,
You are the worship, and you are my faith.
Without a reason, why, how, when and where
God has been very kind (to me)..


Anonymous said...

Awesome lyrics
Thanx 4 translation. ..

Unknown said...

My favart song it's verry verry nice song

Anonymous said...

Lovely song

Anonymous said...

thsnks for the translation

Anonymous said...

Lush s0ng.

Unknown said...

Very beautiful song from my most favourite music directors Vishal and Shekhar.I'm totally stuck with this song��.#Meherbaan

Unknown said...

I love this movie and all the songs within .... and I love it as is .... but it's nice to know what the lyrics are in English ... thank you for allowing a Canadian to enjoy this song even more than I did .... 😄

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