Oye Dildara Lyrics Translation | Tamanchey

Movie: Tamanchey
Music, Lyrics: Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Starring: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda
Label: Zee Music Company

Oye dildara oye.. oye dildaara
Main banjara oye.. main banjara

O beloved, O O beloved,
I am (your) wanderer, O, I am wanderer..

Oh tere waaste main saara jag..
Chhod ke dikhaaun
Kismat ki kalaaiyan..
Marod ke dikhaaun

For you, I'll show you,
I can leave the whole world..
I'll show you I can twist
the wrists of fate..

Yaara soneya, dildaara soneya
O teri chhoti chhoti baaton pe
Main gaur kiye jaaun
Teri saari fariyaadon pe
Main mar mita jaaun
Yaara soniya.. dildara sonya..

O beautiful friend, O beautiful beloved..
I keep concentrating on
every small thing about you,
and I am ready to die for
all your requests..
O beautiful friend, O beautiful beloved..

O Rabba teri-meri baatein saari bol diya jaye
O Rabba dil me hai raaz to wo khol diya jaye
Yaara.. ishq-e-shaidai ka mol diya jaaye
Saare jahaan ke gunaahon ko bhi tol diya jaaye
Teri zindagi mein khushiyaan tamaam diya jaaye
Meri jind meri jaan tere naam kiya jaaye

O lord, all the talks between you and me be told..
[he's talking to the beloved only, even though he remembers God in the beginning.]
O Lord, let the secret that is there in the heart be opened up..
O dear, the love of this lover be paid for..
All the crimes of the world be counted for too..
There should be lot of happiness added to my life,
and my life be declared as given to you..

Oye dildara oye..
Oye dildara oye.. oye dildara
Main banjara oye.. main banjaara

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