Kallalo undhi prema lyrics and translation | Current theega (2014)

Movie: Current theega (2014)
Cast: Manchu manoj, Sunny leone, Rakul preet singh
Music: Achu
Singer: Karthik

Kallalo undhi prema
Gundelo undhi prema
Maatale pedhavulu dhaatavu yendhukamma bapu bomma
Sogasula roja komma
Mullula gucchodhamma
Manasuke gaayam chese mounam inka yennaalamma

There's love in your eyes
There's love in your heart
But words wouldn't cross your lips?
Why is it so oh beautiful doll?
A rose twig of beauty you are
Don't prick  my heart
Till when would be this silence which actually damages my heart ?

Boommeedhila nenunnadhi nee premanu pondhendhuke
Naa praaname choosthunnadhi nee swaasalo kalisendhuke
Oorike ooririke cheliya naa prematho aatadake

I'm here on earth only to receive your love
My soul is longing to get merged in your breath
For no reason, don't play with my love! 

Kallalo | Repeat |

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