Pavan Guru Paani Pita Lyrics Translation | Mumbai Delhi Mumbai

Movie: Mumbai Delhi Mumbai
Music: Sawan Dutta
Lyrics: from Guru Granth Sahib
Singer: Smriti Minocha
Music Label: T-Series

Pavan guru paanee pitaa
Maataa dharat mahat
Divas raat du-i daa-ee dayaa
Khaylai sakal jagat

Wind is the teacher, Water is the father,
and Earth is the great mother.
Day and night are the two kind nurturers,
and (the world) plays under them..

Changi-aaiaa Buri-aaiaa
Vaachayi dharam hadoor
Karmee aapo aapanee kay neday kay door

The record of good and bad deeds is read out
In presence of the Lord of Dharma.
According to their own deeds, some draw closer, some are driven away.

Jinee naam dhiaaiyaa
Gey masakat ghaal
Nanak tay mukh ujalay
Kaytee chhootee naal

Those who have meditated on the Name of the Lord,
And departed after having worked by the sweat of their brow,
O Nanak, their faces are radiant (when in God's court)
And many others are saved along with them.

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