Aap se Mausiiquii Lyrics Translation | Title Song

Album: Aap se Mausiiquii
Music, Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Music Label: T-Series

halka halka sa hai noor dil mein
saanson mein bhi hai aahistgi
beikhteyaari ye keh rahi hai
meri to duniya bas aap hi

There is a mild divine light in the heart,
and a slowness in my breaths too.
this un-control-ness is saying
that my world is just you.

[ikhtiyaar means to have an authority, hold or control over something. From which comes beikhtiyaari which means 'not being able to control' (his own self).]

aap se aashiqui
aap se mausiqui, mausiqi
aap se..

my love is from you,
my music is from you.

aap se aashiqui
aap se mausiqi, mausiqui

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