Parwah Nahi Lyrics Translation | MS Dhoni

Movie: MS Dhoni — The Untold Story
Music: Amaal Mallik
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Siddharth Basrur
Music Label: T-Series

[Parwaah Nahin literally means 'no care' and doesn't specify whether it's singular or plural, and the same goes for the entire song almost. It may be 'I don't care', or 'we do not care.' Either would be equally correct.]

patthar ke hain sab raaste
parwaah nahi..
dhundhle hain chehre khwaab ke
parwaah nahi..

(if) all the paths are stony,
I don't care.
(if) the faces of the dream are hazy,
I don't care.

chhalni hai seena rehne do
ab jo bhi ho parwah nahin..

if the chest is a sieve now, let it be,
whatever happens now, I don't care.

[Chests are often compared to sieves when someone is shot at in the chest repeatedly, as bullets make many holes in the chest.]

sanki hua jaata hai dil
mann ki kiye jaata hai dil
kaDke betahasha ye
bijli hua jaata hai dil

the heart is going eccentric,
it keeps on doing what it wishes,
it makes huge noises,
it's becoming like a lightening..

[kaDakna is a word used most commonly with bijli, that is lightening. Hence the usage.]

baadal mein DhoonDhein honsle
pagla gaye hain honsle
gir jaayein ya uDein
ab TooTein ya juDein, parwah nahin..
parwaah nahin.. yeah..

Now I find courage in the clouds,
the courage has gone crazy.
Whether I fall or fly,
whether I break or remain intact,
I don't care.. I don't care.

jhooThe hain ya sachche hain
sapne aakhir sapne hain
saare taare tumhi rakh lo
saare jugnu to mere hain

whether they are false or true,
the dreams are eventually dreams.
you keep all the stars,
but all the fireflies are mine still.

roke ruke na diljale
pagla gaye hain haunsle
ziddi hain dhaDkanein
bigDein ya banein, parwaah nahin..
yeah.. parwah nahi..

even on stopping, the burnt-hearts won't stop,
the courage has gone crazy.
the heartbeats are insistent,
whether I make it or break it,
I don't care. Yeah, I don't care.

saanson mein jo bhaTTi hai
wo raat aur din dehakti hai
paani-waani to dhokha hai
ye aag aag se bujhti hai

the furnace that is there in the breaths,
it burns day and night.
water and all is just deception,
this fire is extinguished by fire only.

aayein to aayein zalzale
pagla gaye hain honsle
sholon pe hum chale
ab pighlein ya jalein, parwah nahin!
wo.. parwah nahin..

now if storms come, let them.
the courage has gone crazy.
we walk on embers.
now whether we melt or burn,
we don't care.
we don't care.

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