Hota Hai Hota Hai Lyrics Translation | Mirzya

Movie: Mirzya
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Nooran Sisters, Sain Zahoor, Akhtar Chanal Zahri, Daler Mehndi
Music Label: T-Series

'Hota Hai' is a beautiful folk-meets-electronica song that says strange and painful things often happen in love.

tuN tuNa, tuN tuN tuNa,
ha tuN tuN tuN tuN tuNa.

[tuNtuNa is used here as a sound for effect in most of the song, but tuntuna is also a musical instrument, and the word is used in that sense in a couple of places.]

hmm.. hota hai..
hota hai, hota hai.. hota hai, hota hai..
chaloon main aksar
hota hai aksar..
choT kaheen lagti hai jaakar
zakhm kaheeen par hota hai..
ishq mein...
tuN tuNa, tuN tuN tuNa..
baje re!
tuN tuNa, tuN tuN tuNa..
junoon mein...
tuN tuNa, tuN tuN tuNa..

it happens, it happens,
I often am walking —
It often happens —
that I'm hurt somewhere,
but the wound is somewhere else.
In love..
tuntuna plays. (as mentioned in the beginning.)
with passion...

sooraj se jalta hai falak
aur daag zameen par hota hai
hota hai... ishq mein!

the sky is burnt by the sun,
and the stain is on the earth.
happens... in love.

tuN tuNa tuN tuNa…

hmm.. waqt ka faisla
ishq ke haq mein hua nahee...
aashiq ko zanjeerein Daal ke le gaye
sheher se aur kahin.. ishq mein!

the decision of time
was not in favour of love.
the lover was chained
and taken somewhere out of the city. In love!

sab tarqeebein karke dekhin
tel ki Dibiya bharke dekhi
jab tak teeli lage na unme
koi roshni jale na unme

all the tricks were tried,
the oil lamps were filled with kerosene.
but unless they see the flame of matchstick,
there is no light from them.

[The point made here is that only when you burn out, some good result comes. Dibiya is a type of kerosene lamp.]

mehndi rang dikhati hai tab
ho.. poori tarah pis jaati hai jab
mehndi rang dikhati hai tab
poori tarah pis jaati hai jab
hota hai, hota hai
aksar hota hai, ishq mein!

Even the henna gives color
only after being ground completely.
happens... happens,
it often happens. In love!

ishq mein…
choT kahin lagti hai jaakar
zakhm kahin par hota hai

tuNa tuN tuNa..

kabhi kabhi yoon bhi hota hai
dost bichhaR jaate hain lekin
yaadon ki lakeerein
bin bole bhi
kaanon mein kuch keh jaati hain
kaanon mein kuchh keh jaati hain

sometimes this also happens
that friends get separated,
but lines of memories
even without speaking,
say something into the ears.

haalaat bhi khushk ho jaate hai
par miTTi par likhi
kuch tehreerein reh jaati hain
kuchh tehreerein reh jaati hain

even the conditions become dry,
but some writings on the soil remain..

[tehreer means writing. Also, it seems most websites have used 'dehreer' here. It's not a word AFAIK.]

dhoop paRe to pak jaati hai
kabhi kabhi yoon hota hai

when the sunshine falls, it gets baked,
sometimes this too happens..

sooraj se jalta falak
aur daag zameen par hota hai..
ishq mein..

tuN tuNa tuNa..

hota hai.....

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