Lift Kara De Lyrics Translation | Adnan Sami

Album: Kabhi To Nazar Milao
Music: Adnan Sami
Lyrics: Riaz Ur Rehman Saghar
Singer: Adnan Sami
Starring: Adnan Sami, Govinda
Label: Magnasound / Sony Music

teri oonchi shaan hai maula,
meri arzee maan le maula
tu hai sab kuchh jaan-ne waala,
main hoon teraa maan-ne waala
mujhko bhi to lift kara de,
thoRi see to lift kara de

O Lord, your grandness is great,
listen to my plea, O Lord.
You are the omniscient,
I am a believer of yours.
get me to lift up too,
at least lift me up a little bit.

bangla motor car dila de,
ek nahee do chaar dila de
mujhko aeroplane dila de,
duniya bhar kee sair kara de
kaise kaison ko diya hai,
aise vaison ko diya hai

get me a bungalow and a car,
not one, get me a few.
get me an aeroplane,
and make me travel the world.
you have given to all and sundry
given to just anyone..

mujhko bhi to lift kara de,
thodee see to lift kara de

dollar de ya pound de de
cash de de, check bana de
dirham-o-dinar de de
koyi chhapar phaaR maula,
apni jebein jhaaR maula
ab to mujhko maal de de,
aur naa ab Taal, de de

give me dollars or pounds,
give me cash or write me a check.
give me Dirhams or Dinars.
do some miracle, O Lord,
[chhappar phaaRna is literally to break the roof, but is an idiom used for God giving in huge amount.]
shed a bit from your pockets, O Lord,
give me some money,
don't stave me off anymore, now give me.

mujhko bhi toh lift kara de,
thoDee see toh lift kara de

sona de ya chandee de de
heere de de, motee de de
noTon kee barsaat kar de
tune khud hi to kaha hai,
deta hoon jo maangta hai
kab se banda maang raha hai,
kab se line me khaRa hai

Give me gold, or silver,
Give me diamonds or pearls,
rain banknotes..
you yourself have said,
that you give to one who asks..
for so long I've been asking,
for so long I'm in the queue..

mujhko bhi to lift kara de,
thoRi see toh lift kara de

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